Liebherr H966 is a highly compact 13.5 liters 6-cylinder hydrogen engine. Still in development, this engine presents promising and encouraging results in terms of CO2 and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions. This 6-cylinder engine comes with port-fuel technology (PFI). PFI takes place at pressures below 20 bar directly into the intake system. The power density is 20 - 30% lower to that of a diesel engine due to air displacement effects. Port fuel injectors work in less demanding operating conditions which results in an easier design.

Configuration In-line engine
Number of cylinders 6
Displacement 13.5 l

  • High robustness against dust, dirt, and vibrations

  • Close to “zero” Nox and CO2 emissions

  • Reduced effort for air filtration

  • Good dynamic behavior

  • Comparable interfaces (thermal and mechanical) with the vehicle to diesel engine

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Technical data
Configuration In-line engine
Number of cylinders 6
Bore 135 mm
Stroke 157 mm
Displacement 13.5 l

Options available for the engine:

  • LiDIA diagnostic tool

  • Engine Condition monitoring

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