D956 Agriculture

Liebherr’s D956 is a very compact six-cylinder in-line engine. The robust design of the D956 is built to withstand the harshest conditions of the construction and agriculture industries. This six-cylinder engine comes with an integrated centrifugal water pump and closed crankcase ventilation system, ultrafine fiber oil filter, fuel fine filter on engine as well as twin scroll turbocharger that considerably improve fuel consumption. The engine fulfils the demanding EU Stage V exhaust emission standards and can be fitted with Tier 4 final solutions. Our engine condition monitoring solution and LiDIA diagnostic tool, together with a long life service further extend reliability and minimise engine down time.

Configuration In-line engine
Number of cylinders 6
Displacement 12.0 l
Rated power 260 - 400 kW
Rated speed 2,100 rpm

Engine USPs

  • Robust and highly efficient

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • Longer service intervals

    thanks to an automatic poly-V-belt tensioner

  • Improved fuel consumption

    thanks to a twin scroll turbocharger

  • Long oil change interval

  • Closed crankcase ventilation system

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Technical data
Configuration In-line engine
Number of cylinders 6
Bore 130 mm
Stroke 150 mm
Displacement 12.0 l
Rated power 260 - 400 kW
Rated speed 2,100 rpm
Peak torque 2.506 Nm at 1.400 rpm
Compression ratio 17:1
Dimensions (L/W/H) 1.369 / 852 / 1.169 mm

Options available for the engine

  • Several high power Take-off

  • Cold start kits for any temperature conditions

  • Efficient engine brake system

  • Remote fuel and oil filters

  • Air compressor

  • Several oil sumps design for all packaging installation, with oil level sensor

  • Several oil filling and dipstick position

  • Air condition accessories

  • Generator 

  • Double-starter configuration

  • Several SAE-flywheel options

  • Fan drives

  • Turbocharger connections

  • Several air and water connections

  • Finger guard

  • LiDIA diagnostic tool

  • Engine Condition monitoring

  • 450 - 505 kW in development

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