Press releases | 03/01/2017 XPower wheel loader consumption figures now available in Liebherr fuel-saving calculator

  • The Liebherr fuel-saving calculator is an online application available at no additional cost
  • For XPower® wheel loaders from the L 550 to the L 586, up-to-date average diesel consumption figures are now available online and updated day by day
  • Fuel consumption is up to 30 per cent less than for comparable machines

Fuel consumption information for all XPower wheel loaders is now available in the Liebherr fuel-saving calculator. The consumption figures, compiled from live data, are constantly updated and provide information that demonstrates the outstanding efficiency of the XPower wheel loaders. All six models from the L 550 XPower to the L 586 XPower require an average of 30 per cent less fuel than comparable wheel loaders. The L 566 XPower is a particularly good example of the XPower wheel loaders’ fuel efficiency. Indications are that during the almost 180,000 operating hours completed by all L 566 XPower® units in use, the average fuel consumption is only 11.5 litres of diesel per operating hour. Even the largest XPower wheel loader, the L 586 XPower, which weighs in at over 32 tonnes, clearly demonstrates its fuel consumption efficiency: under tough conditions, it requires a mere 15.3 litres of diesel per operating hour on average. With these figures, Liebherr’s XPower wheel loaders set new standards when it comes to fuel consumption and efficiency.

The fuel-saving calculator for Liebherr earthmoving equipment is a free online tool that enables users to calculate their potential savings. Numerous machine types from the earthmoving product range, including mobile excavators, duty cycle crawler cranes and bulldozers, are already on file. Data for piling and drilling rigs, as well as material handling machines from the LH range, are available in different configurations for applications in recycling and scrapping as well as for the forest and timber industry.

Live data via the Liebherr telematics system LiDAT

LiDAT, the Liebherr telematics system, supplies the data on which the fuel-saving calculator is based. Using live data from LiDAT, the average consumption per hour for each machine type is calculated. This works on the basis of total fuel consumption and total number of operating hours. Data can be gathered from machines registered on the LiDAT system.

To calculate personal savings the calculator needs values for average fuel consumption, annual operating hours and fuel price. The potential fuel saving is then calculated by comparing the data entered with the average for all relevant LiDAT machines.

Follow this link to calculate your current fuel savings day by day: