Press releases | 03/13/2017 XPower range for log handling extended: Liebherr presents the robust L 580 LogHandler XPower

  • L 580 LogHandler XPower® now ready for order and delivery
  • Based on the successful XPower® concept used in the Liebherr large wheel loaders
  • Power-split XPower® driveline for maximum performance and efficiency
  • Special lift arm and optimised timber grab variants for increased productivity
  • Numerous new features and details to increase safety and sturdiness

Based on the tried-and-tested XPower® large wheel loaders, Liebherr has developed the L 580 LogHandler XPower® for the particular requirements of the timber industry. The new XPower® generation machine stands out thanks to its wide range of innovative features and the investment made into its sturdiness. Thanks to a special lift arm with major reinforcements, the L 580 LogHandler XPower® can cover large working areas with a maximum reach of almost four metres. Productivity is increased by optimised timber grabs that can be adjusted in size for individual applications. The innovative Smooth Speed Reduction system (SSR system) gives the L 580 LogHandler XPower® utmost load handling sensitivity. And, just like on the latest Liebherr large wheel loaders, the core component of the machine is the power-split XPower® driveline, which equates to robustness and provides optimal performance, high travel speeds and maximum fuel efficiency.

The L 580 LogHandler XPower® is newly available. With all the benefits of the XPower® concept, the new material handling machine can now be ordered by interested customers from their Liebherr sales partner. The L 580 LogHandler XPower® will be making its trade fair début from 22nd to 26th May at LIGNA 2017, the leading trade fair for the timber and forestry industry, which takes place in Hanover, Germany. Liebherr is also planning on exhibiting at the ElmiaWood International Forestry Trade Fair in Jönköping, Sweden, from 7th to 10th June 2017.

The L 580 LogHandler XPower® boasts high levels of performance and productivity wherever companies need to handle and transport large volumes of logs and tree trunks, making locations such as cellulose, paper, cardboard or packaging plants ideal areas of application. The L 580 LogHandler XPower® really comes into its own when covering transport routes requiring flexibility or transporting logs over longer distances at higher speeds.

XPower® power-split driveline: the best of two worlds

As with the latest Liebherr large wheel loaders, the core element of the L 580 LogHandler XPower® is the power-split driveline that complies with Stage IV / Tier 4f emission standards. It combines the best of two worlds: the hydrostatic driveline, which is the most efficient type of drive for quick loading operations, and the mechanical drive, which is the most powerful and efficient drive over long distances and uphill. The exhaust gas after-treatment is performed using the reliable Liebherr SCR system.

The powerful XPower® driveline is adjustable and automatically adapts the combination ratio of the two drive sub-systems continuously. Having the power of the diesel engine split between two drive sub-systems means that load peaks are avoided while consistent performance is maintained. This increases the robustness and durability of the drive. Thanks to the power-split XPower® driveline, the L 580 LogHandler XPower® always works with maximum power, reliability and efficiency regardless of the application. This results in significant savings in fuel consumption.

Special lift arm and optimised timber grabs for increased productivity

The special lift arm of the L 580 LogHandler XPower® offers a maximum reach of almost four metres, which means that tree trunks can be stacked over a large working area, allowing operators to use their storage facilities more efficiently. Liebherr has developed the Smooth Speed Reduction system (SSR system) for extra sensitive load handling. This intelligent control system offers safe operation and high levels of driving comfort as vibrations in the cab are significantly reduced. It prevents impacts and jerky movements and provides the working hydraulics with gentle damping. The special hydraulic impact damper system also ensures smooth travel by operating transversely to the direction of travel thereby providing permanent vibration damping.

Thanks to the range of timber grab variants and sizes, operators can configure the L 580 LogHandler XPower® to meet their specific needs. In the standard version, the grab holds 3.6 m² of logs. Liebherr uses a tried-and-tested grab concept from the field of material handling technology. For instance, the grabs feature a slewing ring instead of a pin suspension, making them even more robust. A fine-link chain on the grab secures the tree trunks during transportation.

Depending on the area of application, customers can choose between a combi-grab and a heart-shaped grab. The combi-grab is a real all-rounder and is suitable for all fields of activity. The heart-shaped grab really comes into its own when loading and unloading containers and loading boxes. Its heart shape means it can safely and efficiently reach into containers or loading boxes without damaging them in any way. Both grabs are available on customer request. They can both be rotated 360o, giving them the flexibility for machine operators to be able to grab tree trunks from all angles. This is of particular benefit when operating in cramped conditions. Additional options, such as special rollers on the grabs, protect the ground in the area of application.

Safe and sturdy solutions all over the machine

The L 580 LogHandler XPower® has special ballast at the rear, giving high levels of stability and eliminating the need to fill the larger width special tyres with water. Liebherr has also reinforced other core machine components such as the axles, the special lift arm and the hydraulic cylinders. Liebherr continues to develop and produce these and other core components itself or in cooperation with premium manufacturers to ensure that the components used are of a consistently high quality.

To protect the machine, a hydraulically-adjustable log pusher with additional deflector plates is available for the L 580 LogHandler XPower® on customer request. The log pusher pushes logs located in front of the machine closer to each other, enabling the machine operator to grab more logs during a single operation. The deflector plates on the side of the log pusher primarily serve to protect the tyres during this process.

The L 580 LogHandler XPower® has a sophisticated lighting concept. To ensure ample lighting of the work area, the machine is fitted with up to 17 LED headlights, depending on the configuration. This provides ideal visibility and increases safety in the vicinity of the machine, even in the dark. The lamp brackets are made of steel and are protected behind a grille.

The operator's cab: a workplace without compromise

A wide step ensures safe access to the operator's cab and the cab door can be opened easily from the ground. The soundproofed cab with ROPS / FOPS protective structure provides a safe and comfortable working environment. The generous glass surfaces of the cab and an angled windscreen ensure outstanding visibility and an unobstructed view of the working equipment. The protective grid for the windscreen, which is fitted to the lift arm, does not restrict visibility.

The rear-view camera comes as standard and is integrated into the touchscreen display. Liebherr also offers optional grab monitoring with a camera and an additional display. The controls are positioned within easy reach and clearly arranged. All hydraulic functions are combined on the Liebherr operating lever that moves along with the driver's seat and all buttons can be reached with the right hand. The new electro-hydraulic system allows for automatic positioning of the lift arm in the transport position, which ensures quicker and more convenient operation.

Servicing made easy

A vast number of sophisticated details make the machine operator's day-to-day work easier. One example is the engine hood that opens to the rear so that the engine is freely accessible for all service work. For comfortable and safe working, a platform is integrated into the opened hood. The most important maintenance points are close to the cab and can be easily inspected. The fuel and urea (Liebherr-SCR technology) tanks are combined in one place for easier refuelling. A platform at the cab helps with windscreen cleaning and is also used to hold the driver's door in position.

The easily-accessible radiator is located directly behind the operator's cab in the cleanest area of the machine. In this position the cooling system can aspirate air with a low dust content, which ensures consistent and reliable cooling performance. This intelligent design solution reduces the maintenance effort and increases the life span of the cooling system. Equipment options such as a reversible fan drive, fluff filter or a coarse-meshed radiator net protect the cooling system against pollution. The well-designed cooling system therefore increases the availability of the machine.

Performance data for the L 580 LogHandler XPower® (standard version)

Maximum payload: 8,730 kg
Timber grab capacity: 3.6 m²
Operating weight: 36,650 kg
Engine output: 250 kW / 340 HP (emission Stage IV / Tier 4f)