Press releases | 03/07/2017 World premiere at Conexpo 2017: Liebherr launches the high performance pipelayer RL 56

  • Increased lifting capacity for an extended operating range
  • Hydrostatic travel drive ensures peak performance

Liebherr presents its first generation 6 pipelayer at Conexpo 2017. The new RL 56 Litronic provides a lifting capacity of 72 tonnes / 158,733 lbs. and comes with a state of the art Diesel engine, complying with Tier 4f /Stage IV emissions standards.

Liebherr presents the first pipelayer model of Generation 6 – the successor to the popular Generation 4 models - at Conexpo 2017. This new pipelayer has been designed with focus on both buyer and operator requirements to perfectly fit customers’ needs.

Economic operation paired with peak performance

Liebherr pipelayers are known for providing maximum economy. Accordingly, the machines were designed with special attention to ensuring long component service lives, low service costs and low fuel consumption.

The RL 56 Litronic is driven by a Tier 4f Liebherr Diesel engine with an engine output of 210kW / 281HP (SAE J 1349). For this engine generation, the entire combustion process has been optimized to minimize the particulates within the engine. The innovative Selective Catalytic Reduction technology (SCR) means no Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is required. The ease of maintenance and low fuel consumption are a few of the resulting customer benefits.

The robust Liebherr diesel engines operate at constant low 1.800 rpm, a very economical speed. This feature reduces fuel consumption, is important for a long component life of the engine, and combined with the demand controlled hydraulic cooling system it keeps the noise level to a minimum. Additionally, the Generation 6 pipelayers come with the selectable ECO-mode, a fuel-efficiency control system developed by Liebherr to optimize the engine speed if full output is not required.

The load-sensing implement hydraulics supply only the exact amount of oil needed. This protects the components and saves fuel.

Liebherr oils and lubricants are specially formulated for the harsh operating conditions of pipelayers. The special properties of these oils make the new RL 56 have exceptionally long change intervals for operating fluids. Depending on the nature of the work, and provided that regular quality checks are performed, the hydraulic fluid change interval can be as long as 8,000 hours of operation. These features keep the service and maintenance costs low.

Liebherr pipelayers are designed to provide maximum performance and handle the most difficult jobs. High lifting forces, outstanding maneuverability and heavy-duty components in the travel and working hydraulics ensure peak performance when laying pipelines.

In combination with the innovative hydrostatic travel drive, the powerful Liebherr diesel engine provides maximum power in every situation. Whether transporting pipe on soft soil, lowering the pipeline when travelling uphill, or when pulling heavy pipe-bending machines - the hydrostatic travel drive reliably provides the required power.

The compact arrangement of the travel drive components results in an extremely low center of gravity for the machine. Through use of the extra-long undercarriage, Liebherr pipelayers offer maximum stability, especially on inclines.

The favorable weight distribution and center of gravity extend the position of the counterweight and the extra-long undercarriage, making the maximum lifting capacities available over the entire working range.

A hydraulically powered winch permits step less and precise speed control of the load hook. The load is lowered reliably without any loss of force. As soon as the winch stops moving, the automatic safety brake is activated and holds the load securely.

The very precise control of the boom and winch ensures that the pipe is placed with millimeter accuracy – this is a major benefit when connecting pipes during preassembly as well as when repairing the pipeline.

Top safety levels, maximum cabin comfort

As top priority, all Liebherr pipelayers are based on a well thought-out safety concept that sets standards in pipeline construction. The cabs come with integrated rollover protection as a standard. Convenient and good visibility to the working area is guaranteed. The precise and infinite speed control without gear shifting of the Liebherr driveline ensures safe transportation of the load. The standard tilting operator cab provides fast and easy access to all important components of the travel drive and hydraulics.

Instead of a second winch, Liebherr installs a boom cylinder on all pipelayer models. This cylinder is maintenance free and also prevents unintentional folding of the boom in critical situations. This concept also eliminates the risk of an over-pull of the boom as it is with a boom winch system. The boom cylinder also features hose break protection that prevents lowering of the boom in the event of pipe breakage.

Further measures to guarantee maximum operator safety include a standard free fall device of the lifting winch. An optional overload warning device with automatic power cut-off helps the operator anticipate critical load situations. If the machine approaches the permissible load limit, automatic load-sensing power cut-off prevents further load-increasing motions.

The hydrostatic travel drive allows the operator to maneuver the machine easily and with maximum precision even on steep slopes. The safety brake (parking brake) opens and closes automatically, preventing the machine from rolling on inclines.

The working environment of Liebherr pipelayers offers exceptional operator comfort. The generous space, acoustically insulated and ergonomically designed cab provides the perfect conditions for fatigue-free and concentrated work. Outstanding visibility simplifies safe and precise movement of load as well. Operating joysticks, one for the boom with winch and one for the entire travel drive can be controlled precisely – including the “counter-rotation“ function. The logical operating concept requires only minimum training - another important safety feature. All instruments and operating controls are user-friendly.

The RL 56 features a touch-controlled system display. The touch screen is the interface for a new control architecture of modular construction and capable of almost unlimited extension. The additional display options include reversing cameras or other functions for extra convenience.

The operator’s seat has been angled 15° to the left toward the boom. This gives the operator the best view of the load being moved, and of the other pipelayers working in the column ahead and behind. Liebherr offers a powerful coolant-based heating system that – when used in conjunction with the optional air-conditioning system – creates a comfortable environment.