News | 05/26/2020 When once round the world just isn’t enough

The slurry wall cutter at its premiere in Munich.

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Every day it rattles once round the earth and even further. The equivalent, at least. The distance covered by the suburban railway in Munich is staggering. It was opened for the Olympic Games in 1972 and has now reached its limits. The old lady will find her feet again thanks to the expansion of the rail network, Munich’s largest construction project for the coming years.

In order to cope more efficiently with the bustling stream of passengers in the inner city the Deutsche Bahn is building a second core line between the stations Laim and Leuchtenbergring. A central entrance to the tunnel is in the Altstadt at Marienhof. Here the joint venture VE 41 comprising Implenia and Hochtief is carrying out slurry wall work using Liebherr equipment.

High demands

The challenges lie in the large dimensions of the slurry walls and the extremely confined space on the construction site. Due to the partially historical buildings in the immediate surroundings an application with low vibration is necessary for the installation of the slurry walls. But at the same time it must also meet the high demands for compactness and verticality. The contractor found the correct equipment in the brand-new Liebherr slurry wall cutter type LSC 8-18 L.

The new equipment from Liebherr cuts its way through 33 m3 of soil per hour and requires 8 hours for a primary trench. A total of 108 trenches measuring 1500 x 3200 mm with 30 cm overlap must be installed on the construction site in Munich.

The second core line is scheduled to open in 2028. Then the Munich Lady can rattle her way along even more tracks than before. Because once round the world isn’t enough.