News | 11/05/2019 When deep foundation work goes electric: First application of global innovation


Electrifying: The LB 16 unplugged with electro-hydraulic drive can also be used without cables.

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It is a unique construction site: the use of machines with an electric drive means deep foundation work can for the first time be executed almost emission-free. With the LB 16 unplugged the first battery-powered drilling rig is used on one of the largest roadwork sites in western Austria.

The local company i+R is carrying out the deep foundation work on the west side. For this purpose, i+R is using the world's first drilling rig on the market with "Local Zero Emission".

The challenges for i+R are the narrow construction site itself, as well as the restricted working height. The pile foundations must be placed directly under a power line. Therefore, the drilling rig is designed as a low head, i.e. with a shorter leader. During the project i+R is installing 148 piles and drilling 1,742 m into the ground. Approximately 1,200 m3 of concrete are being poured.

Sometimes the concrete is delivered by a Liebherr concrete mixer ETM 905 with electric drum drive. In normal operation the battery capacity is sufficient for the entire working day. As a plug-in hybrid the battery can be charged during the journey or externally via a plug. i+R also uses an electric compact excavator. Thus, deep foundation work on a construction site is carried out for the first time using almost exclusively electrically driven machines.

This film shows the LB 16 unplugged at its première: