Press releases | 07/19/2017 Wasel chooses the innovative SX boom system from Liebherr

  • 750-tonne crane is the largest crawler crane in the Wasel fleet
  • SX boom system significantly increases load capacity values
  • VarioTray ensures great flexibility during crane operation

Wasel GmbH Schwerlastlogistik took delivery of a new Liebherr LR 1750/2 crawler crane at the Liebherr plant in Ehingen in mid-June. The 750-tonne crane will extend the company's fleet of crawler cranes. The new crane will enable Wasel to ramp up its wind power activities.

Matthias (second from left) and Thomas Wasel (write) with their colleagues Fred Reuter (left) and Tim Hoy.

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The LR 1750/2 is now the most powerful crawler crane in the Wasel fleet. "We decided on the Liebherr 750-tonne crane since no other manufacturer had a comparable product in this size class", said Managing Director Matthias Wasel and went on: "The new LR 1750/2 with the SX boom system and VarioTray will position us perfectly for handling the new generation of wind turbines. The new boom system significantly increases load capacity values and yet its transport costs are less than using the next higher crane class. The new crawler crane will be operating for around 75 percent of the time in the wind industry with its other jobs in the project business."

Two or three 3.5-metre or 6-metre wide and 14-metre long lattice sections are installed in the lower section of the main boom for the SX system. This provides additional rigidity to the boom system, thus increasing its load capacity. The new VarioTray ballast system developed by Liebherr gives the crane additional flexibility for crane operations. It consists of a removable ballast frame for the derrick boom which is unbolted from the suspended ballast frame and can be used separately with up to 125 tonnes of counterweights. For heavy components and large radii, the removable ballast frame can simply be bolted into place before luffing down the boom to avoid long-winded stacking and unstacking.

Crane contractor Wasel has a workforce of 435 and operates 135 Liebherr mobile cranes, including crawler and latticed jib crane models LR 1600/2 and LG 1750. The customer focuses on providing lifting and transport services. The company is also a Liebherr dealer for tower cranes and operates over 400 Liebherr tower cranes itself. Matthias Wasel explains: "Liebherr is our long term partner. In addition to the product, customer service is the main selling point."


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