Press releases | 05/29/2019 Van Schaften orders three Liebherr LR 11000 crawler cranes at the Bauma

  • LR 11000 ordered with new F2 fixed jib
  • Liebherr crawler crane delivers high capacity and low cost transport
  • Van Schaften appreciates the partnership with and good service from Liebherr

Crane rental company Van Schaften Leasing BV ordered three LR 11000 lattice boom crawler cranes from Liebherr at the Bauma. After the delivery, the Dutch company will have a total of 8 of this model, making it the largest fleet of LR 11000 cranes in the world. The new cranes are intended for erecting wind turbines since Van Schaften is expecting a steady flow of orders from the wind power industry.

From left to right: Martijn Tuijtel (Van Schaften Leasing BV), Han Rekers (Liebherr Nederland B.V.), Dick Post (Van Schaften Leasing BV), Sophie Albrecht (Liebherr-International AG), Florian Ritzler (Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH).

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Van Schaften ordered the three 1000-tonne crawler cranes with the new F2 fixed jib. This has been specially developed for the erection of wind turbines and provides the major benefit that it can be used with the ordered main boom system even without a derrick. This means a significant reduction in transport costs and set-up times. The F2 is a fixed lattice jib with a significantly increased lifting capacity of 250 tonnes rather than the 179 tonnes of the standard jib. The head rollers and hook block are designed so that the block cannot become twisted. The hook speed on the new jib is significantly faster since the block is operated by two parallel winches. It also features a runner.

Johan van Schaften, the company’s owner, explains: “The LR 11000 has outstanding lifting capacities and is perfect for wind turbines on 100 metre towers with its F2 system without a derrick. Its high performance and low cost transport make it absolutely unique on the market.” The capacity of the boom can be further increased retrospectively by attaching a derrick system which enables it to erect even higher or heavier systems. That makes the LR 11000 the perfect wind power crane of the future for Europe and North America. Van Schaften has been buying large cranes from Liebherr for around 6 years. “We appreciate the partnership with Liebherr and its excellent service”, adds Johan van Schaften.

Liebherr first unveiled the LR 11000 at the Bauma in 2013. It covers a wide range of uses with its large number of boom versions including the PowerBoom parallel boom system. The 1000 tonne crawler crane from Liebherr is designed for high performance, low cost transport logistics and compact dimensions. It has a transport width of 3.5 m and a transport height of 3.2 m. The crawler gear and the central crawler section each weigh 60 t, making them the heaviest transport packages. The individual weights can be reduced to 45 t for regions with critical transport infrastructures. The LR 11000 has been designed so that it can be used in constricted areas, such as refineries. The basic crane is extremely compact and has a track width of just 9.2 m. The suspended ballast can be placed within 12 m of the basic machine, which is an outstanding value for a machine of this performance class.

The art of lifting: Our unmatched LR crawler cranes series


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