News | 04/26/2021 Value for aircraft operators

Liebherr-Aerospace enhances aircraft operation at every stage.

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With its design knowledge and in-service experience Liebherr-Aerospace is cross-processing aircraft data with its own manufacturing and repair shop inputs.

Liebherr’s objective is to create value for the aircraft operators. Using Liebherr Analytics Solutions will increase aircraft availability, reduce unscheduled maintenance burden and help to optimize assets and part maintenance.

Three types of solutions are offered:

  • Predictive Maintenance solutions are fully engineered algorithms, leading to accurate failure predictions and providing associated component removal recommendations.
  • Trend Monitoring dashboards feature comprehensive analyses of relevant parameters evolution at fleet level, combined with associated support engineering expertise to monitor parts and system conditions against appropriate thresholds.
  • With Visualization in Context tools, the right parameters can be shown to resolve technical issues or perform troubleshooting faster, thanks to efficient data processing and graphical display.