News | 09/21/2022 Unplugged or conventional: it all depends on the construction site

In terms of performance, the unplugged and conventional machines equally strong. They, underline Liebherr's open technology approach: the unplugged series and conventionally powered machines from Liebherr do not compete, they complement each other. It all depends on the construction site.

View of a construction site in an inner-city area: little space, close to buildings and good infrastructure - exactly the right area for the Liebherr unplugged series to get to work. The battery-powered machines are nearly noiseless and emission-free - which benefits the staff of the construction site as well as local residents.

Change of location to a construction site on a river: remote and hardly any infrastructure - in this case, Liebherr’s conventionally powered construction machines are exactly the right machines for the job. Equipped with the latest generation of diesel engines, they perform even in remote locations.

No matter where a construction site is located: Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH offers the best solution for both types.

In this video interview Sascha Bechter and Michael Flecker, two experts from Liebherr-Werk Nenzing, explain when which technology is best suited and what the advantages of each technology are. They also look ahead to Bauma 2022 and reveal which machines will be on display in Munich.

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