Press releases | 01/31/2020 Ulferts & Wittrock modernises fleet with Liebherr mobile cranes

  • 80 new Liebherr mobile cranes within two years
  • Low cost mobility the main criterion
  • Ulferts & Wittrock Group active throughout Germany

The Ulferts & Wittrock Group has taken delivery of forty new Liebherr mobile cranes during the last year. Another order package for forty cranes for delivery this year has already been signed. Ulferts & Wittrock, which is active throughout Germany, is using the new Liebherr cranes to modernise its fleet with lifting capacities of between 30 and 250 tonnes.

The Ulferts & Wittrock Group receives 80 new Liebherr mobile cranes within two years.

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The consignments totalling 80 mobile cranes extend from the two-axle LTM 1030-2.1, LTC compact cranes and LTF truck-mounted cranes to the new Liebherr LTM 1230-5.1 and LTM 1250-5.1 five-axle models. As Ulferts & Wittrock is active throughout Germany, low cost mobility was an important criterion in the selection of the crane models. For example, the company chose a larger number of LTM 1070-4.2 and LTM 1090-4.2 cranes as their design allows them to travel on the road with an axle load of 10 tonnes. In this weight version, they can be used quickly and flexibly with reduced licensing requirements. The consignments also include several LTF 1060-4.1 cranes. These are telescopic truck-mounted cranes on standard truck chassis, which can be used at particularly low cost for jobs which involve driving long distances. The gross weight of these powerful 60 tonne cranes can be reduced to as little as 32 tonnes, depending on the chassis manufacturer.

Ulferts & Wittrock also decided to add Liebherr LTC compact cranes to the fleets at several of its sites. Marcus Wittrock, Managing Partner, explains: “The LTC 1050-3.1 is perfect for jobs inside industrial buildings and also in constricted urban areas. We ordered all these cranes with an elevating cab to provide the crane operator with a better view of the site situation so as to enhance safety”.

The company has a long term partnership with Liebherr. “We feel that Liebherr takes good care of us. The cranes are innovative and retain their value. What is more, we can rely on their after-sales service at all times,” is how Temmo Niekamp, who is also a Managing Partner at Ulferts & Wittrock, explains the decision to modernise the company’s crane fleet with Liebherr mobile cranes.

The Ulferts & Wittrock Group

Company founders and shareholders Klaus Wittrock and Hermann Ulferts are delighted by the successful development of their group of companies. Ulferts & Wittrock was founded in Oldenburg in 1989 and started its journey to become a logistics service provider in the heavy load sector with five mobile cranes. The company grew steadily as the number of wind turbines requiring erection increased. Today, Ulferts & Wittrock has a fleet of the very latest mobile cranes with lifting capacities between 30 and 600 tonnes, crawler cranes with lifting capacities between 130 and 650 tonnes, mobile construction cranes, work platforms and telescopic forklift trucks as well as various heavy haulage trucks. The group’s headquarters is in Oldenburg, whilst it also has branch offices in Brake and independent sites in Hamburg, Hollenstedt and Schwerin. The group expanded in 2013 through the takeover of H. Chr. Petersen GmbH in Flensburg, Otto Longuet GmbH in Lübeck and Fritz Sünkler GmbH in Kiel.


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