Press releases | 10/15/2014 Two Liebherr 200 EC-H 10 FR.tronic Tower Cranes Used in a Shipbuilding Yard in India

  • Two 200 EC-H 10 FR.tronic tower cranes used in Lavgan Dockyard ship repair yard on the west coast of India
  • Both cranes are mounted on rail-going portals
  • Cranes feature special maritime equipment

Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH delivered two cranes for permanent use in a Lavgan Dockyard in India. The two 200 EC-H 10 FR.tronic top-slewing cranes will be used permanently in the ship repair yard operated by Lavgan Dockyard Ltd. near Ratnagiri in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Two Liebherr 200 EC-H 10 FR.tronic tower cranes for permanent use in a ship repair yard in India.

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The tower cranes have a load moment of 200 metre-tonnes and are used to position heavy components which are being replaced as part of repair work on ships. Up to six ships can be repaired at the same time in the yard on India's west coast. Ships with a length of up to 130 metres and 10,000 DWT (dead weight tons) can undergo maintenance work in up to six berths in the dry dock and three wet berths.

Both cranes were erected with a hook height and radius of 50 metres each which means that they can achieve a lifting capacity at the tip of the jib of 3,400kg. The maximum load capacity is 10 tonnes. To allow work to be completed throughout the entire length of the ships, the cranes are mounted on rail-going portals which carry a generator on the integrated platform to provide the cranes with an independent power supply. Each of the four chassis is powered by a 7.5kW electric motor. These enable the cranes to move softly yet quickly at speeds of up to 21.1m/min on the tracks which extend over a length of around 120m.

To prevent corrosion from saltwater the crane components are protected by a special coating for maritime use. In addition the housing of the electronic equipment is made of stainless steel. The climatic conditions also meant that an air-conditioning system was required for the control cabinet to prevent the formation of condensation. The special technical equipment features of these cranes include their ABB operating-range limiting system and AKS anti-collision system

The loads must be moved with great precision during the repair work. This is made possible by the infinitely adjustable drive units developed by Liebherr and their excellent tuning. With electronic support in the form of wind force movement control, oscillation damping and MICROMOVE fine positioning system positioning the load with millimetre precision is child's play, even in the difficult conditions of the port area.

Liebherr tower cranes are used in ports and shipbuilding yards all over the world thanks to this capacity and reliability. A large crane of type 1250 HC 50, for example, is in use in the Astilleros Gondán, S.A. Castropol (Asturien, Spain) shipbuilding yard and other heavy load cranes of type 3150 HC 70, 4000 HC 80 and 4000 HC 100 are operated by Daewoo-Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. (South Korea) - all with great success. These cranes are ideal for working in shipbuilding businesses.

Lavgan Dockyard Ltd. is part of the Chowgule Group which has grown from a small trading company into a large group since it was founded in 1916. The Chowgule Group is active in sectors such as shipping, shipbuilding, export and mining.


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