Press releases | 12/05/2017 Tunnel version of four Liebherr XPower® wheel loaders now available

  • Liebherr now offers an special tunnel package for its XPower® L 550, L 556, L 566 and L 576 wheel loaders as option
  • Purpose-built cab design with armoured glazing to protect machine operators
  • Comprehensive range of protective and safety features for the entire wheel loader

Tunnel construction is one of the most demanding civil engineering applications for construction equipment. Liebherr has a range of machines capable of working productively under the extreme conditions of a tunnel construction site. These include the XPower® L 550, L 556, L 566 and L 576 wheel loaders, which are now available in an optional tunnel version. The new tunnel package includes a number of features aimed specifically at optimising the robustness of these machines. This ensures high standards of safety and machine availability for tunnelling applications.

The new tunnel package for Liebherr wheel loaders includes a special soundproofed cab design that boasts a windscreen made of armoured glass. It also offers a roll over protection system (ROPS) and effectively protects machine operators from falling objects (FOPS), which is key in tunnel construction.

In the Stage IV / Tier 4f emission standards compliant XPower® wheel loaders, exhaust gas after-treatment is handled by the Liebherr SCR system. The tunnel package enhances this reliable system with the addition of a diesel particle filter, which minimises the emission of particles and contaminants in tunnels.

Tunnel package provides comprehensive damage protection for Liebherr wheel loaders

Liebherr’s XPower® range of wheel loaders has a reputation for its ruggedness. When designing the tunnel package, Liebherr has made targeted improvements to machine durability in order to ensure high levels of equipment availability. A pre-cleaner is used for preliminary cleaning of the engine’s intake air, which in tunnels is typically contaminated by dust and other particles. Steel piston rod protection prevents falling pieces of stone from damaging the tipping cylinder on the wheel loader’s lift arm. The light carriers for the driving headlights are made of steel and have a protective guard attached to them. The robust a/c-box is also made of metal. Tough anti-collision protection prevents damage to the engine hood and the engine compartment on confined tunnel construction sites.

Safety is paramount when working in tunnels. With this in mind, the tunnel package includes powerful LED headlights to provide good lighting conditions all around the machine. The tunnel package also features an acoustic reversing alarm to alert individuals in the vicinity of the wheel loader when it is reversing. Liebherr customers can specify the acoustic reversing alarm with an optical signal enhancement. A reversing camera comes as standard on all XPower® wheel loaders, irrespective of whether they have the tunnel package.

Liebherr customers can request the optional tunnel package for Stage IV / Tier 4f emission standards compliant XPower® L 550, L 556, L 566 and L 576 wheel loaders. Operating companies benefit from all the advantages of XPower® wheel loaders when working in tunnels. The innovative XPower® driveline ensures high levels of productivity. It combines the hydrostatic driveline for maximum efficiency in short-term loading operations with a mechanical drive system that provides the most powerful and fuel-efficient option when covering long distances. The proven Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE) system plays a key role in this process: it proactively controls all components in real time to achieve optimum efficiency. As a result, companies can benefit from moderate fuel consumption and ever-decreasing operating costs.