News | 10/12/2020 Training start 2020: this is how 400 apprentices started their careers at Liebherr

The numerous apprentices at Liebherr start their professional. Safety distance included.

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This year, too, numerous young people started their careers at Liebherr and begun their studies or classic apprenticeship.

With the start of the new training year 2020/2021, the Liebherr Group welcomes a total of over 400 new apprentices and students at its locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Traditionally, the first days of training are dedicated to getting to know each other. This year, however, this getting to know each other is somewhat different from previous years: Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, the obligatory seminars and training sessions, for example, have been straightened out and divided into different groups, and where possible the events have been moved outside or conducted digitally. Even though this year's start of training was different from usual, the new apprentices and dual students are happy about their start in the working world: "It is really exciting to start working life now and to get so many new impressions every day. You're always learning something new, you can't get bored," reports one of the new apprentices after her first few days at Liebherr.

The Liebherr Group attaches particular importance to the intermeshing of theory and practice during the training, so that the theoretical knowledge gained can be applied directly in everyday work. In general, training has a very high priority within the Liebherr Group, which is convincing in the long term through needs-based planning and already ensures the next generation of skilled workers today.