Press releases | 01/22/2015 The safe option among compact loaders: Liebherr will be presenting the Compact Loader L 506 at Intermat 2015

  • The Liebherr Compact Loader has been available at Stage IIIB / Final Tier 4 since September 2014
  • The compact construction and modern cab increase the safety of this wheel loader
  • Highly manoeuvrable compact loaders are ideal for use in horticultural and landscaping work

Practical, productive and safe to use: Liebherr will be presenting a product from its compact wheel loader series in the form of the Compact Loader L 506 at Intermat 2015. The compact loaders, featuring a Stage IIIB / Final Tier 4 engine, were showcased for the first time at the GaLaBau horticultural and landscaping trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany, in September 2014. They represent the latest machine concept in Liebherr's wheel loader range.

The Liebherr Compact Loader L 506 offers the driver the best all-round view on the building site

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The low construction height of the Liebherr Compact Loader L 506 simplifies transport

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Liebherr will present the Compact Loader L 506 at the Intermat fair in Paris in April 2015. The wheel loader is driven by a 46 kW / 63 PS diesel engine. Emissions are below the limit values required according to Stage IIIB / Final Tier 4. The exhibit has been equipped with an excavation bucket with a capacity of 0.8 m3. The operating weight and tipping load of the Compact Loader L 506 are perfectly balanced: With an operating weight of 5,180 kg, the machine achieves a tipping load of 3,450 kg.

Compact design ensures maximum safety at the building site

Especially in horticulture and landscaping the all-round visibility of the Liebherr L 506 Compact Loader makes it extremely safe to work with. The driver has a clear view in all directions thanks to the high proportion of window area, the intelligent positioning of all the mirrors and the conical-pattern construction of the lifting gear. He can retain an overview of the entire working and manoeuvring range and can immediately respond to any dangerous situations in the proximity of the machine.

Liebherr's decades of experience in the development of wheel loaders are evident in a design which enhances stability and security against tipping, with the vehicle's compact construction giving it a lower centre of gravity. This makes it more secure against tipping and improves driver, machine and cargo safety. Moreover, the more favourable centre of gravity means that larger buckets can be used, thus increasing the efficiency and productivity of the machine. The oscillating centre pivot balances out any unevenness in the terrain, allowing the Compact Loader to be stable and safe, even on rough terrain.

Practical for both owner and user

The practical advantages of the compact design of this Liebherr loader come to the fore in daily use: being only two and a half metres high and low in weight, the compact loader can be transported quickly and easily between jobs. When transporting the wheel loader, for example with the aid of a trailer, the total height is usually less than four metres.

Liebherr Compact Loaders are particularly suitable for use in horticulture and landscaping, as they have excellent manoeuvrability. Narrow access routes and thoroughfares, such as those to the gardens of private or public buildings, do not present an obstacle. The manoeuvrability of the machines pays off with any horticulture or landscaping project, as Liebherr customers are able to make flexible and efficient use of their compact loaders.

The Liebherr Compact Loader is well-designed in every detail: The clearly arranged controls of the cab create an environment in which the driver can be comfortable, focused and productive. Various operating elements such as the joystick and steering can be individually adjusted to the needs of the driver. User-friendliness and easy handling were development priorities for Liebherr – the entire machine can be intuitively operated, which facilitates day-to-day operation, especially for businesses and municipal companies.


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