News | 10/24/2022 The new all-rounder from Liebherr: duty cycle crawler crane HS 8070.1

  • Particularly suited for material handling, deep foundation work and lifting work
  • Modular counterweight system for various applications
  • New A-frame system for dynamic operations

Versatile, flexible and compact: these attributes are combined in the new duty cycle crawler crane HS 8070.1. It represents the all-rounder qualities of Liebherr’s HS series and is equipped for an especially wide range of applications. Thanks to the new design it can be individually fitted depending on the application and customer requirements.

Liebherr’s HS series has a new all-rounder: HS 8070.1.

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Liebherr reveals the latest generation of duty cycle crawler cranes with the brand-new HS 8070.1. The machine has a lifting capacity of 70 tonnes and is the first choice for a multitude of applications: material handling, deep foundation or lifting work.

Using the new jack-up system, the crawlers can be easily disassembled for transportation, so reducing the transport weight to less than 35  tonnes. The platforms and railings must no longer be removed before transportation.

Flexible design

Instead of a single counterweight, the new model is fitted with a modular system. Thus, the customer can mount the counterweights individually as required, depending on the operation. Further, the boom of the HS 8070.1 is compatible with the HS 8100.1. Therefore, customers can use attachments such as the slurry wall grab HSG 5-18 on both machines and install thicker slurry walls with a more compact machine.

As opposed to the fixed system, the new floating A-frame system ensures higher performance in dynamic applications. It also simplifies and speeds up the assembly and transportation of the machine. The user-friendly design extends to the tank neck, which is easily accessible via a platform on the uppercarriage - a perfect example of the modern and individual design strategy.


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