News | 01/29/2015 The Liebherr Troubleshoot Advisor Improves Service Efficiency

The Liebherr Troubleshoot Advisor contains more than 5,000 troubleshooting actions for improving machine availability.

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Liebherr-Mining Equipment has developed an advanced software tool in order to minimize downtime by maximizing troubleshooting efficiency. Available online or offline in specific cases, the Liebherr Troubleshoot Advisor is capable of detecting the cause of existing breakdowns for mining trucks and excavators and proposing a procedure according to the results of diagnostic tests. This software tool is currently supporting the field service teams in more than 20 countries.

Based upon recent artificial intelligence developments, the Troubleshoot Advisor assesses and reports the probability of potential incidents based on data collected by Liebherr personnel. For example, if the breakdown symptom is “The truck won’t start,” the system presents a series of diagnostic questions for the technician in order to derive the root causes of the breakdown. As the software is used the problems and possible solutions are continually calculated and catalogued, and as more data is gathered the more accurate the Troubleshoot Advisor will become.

This continual development reduces troubleshooting time and costs associated with lengthy mean time to repair. The Troubleshoot Advisor is a “learning” system that improves its performance over time as data about the typical causes of and most relevant solutions for specific problems are entered into the system. This technology is used in many different industries, especially in the medical and aerospace fields.

Since the system’s inception, the Troubleshoot Advisor has integrated more than 1,000 guides for a range of hydraulic mining excavators from the R 9100 to the R 9800, as well as for the T 282 C mining truck. The system contains more than 5,000 troubleshooting actions for improving machines availability, and thanks to personnel feedback this expert knowledge base is growing every day.