Press releases | 01/18/2018 The Liebherr ring-pan mixer: High quality Innovation for concrete.

  • Two separate electric motors drive the stirring unit and the agitator system independently
  • Agitator speed can be varied for fast and optimised mixing
  • Designed for the production of sophisticated types of concrete

Liebherr-Mischtechnik GmbH is launching the RIV 2.5 D, a new ring-pan mixer for the prefabricated parts and concrete products industries. This model introduces the ability to infinitely vary the speed of the double-agitator system and the main drive independently of one another. This is made possible by two powerful electric motors.

This is made possible by two powerful electric motors.

The advantage of the Liebherr RIV 2.5 D is the way the tool speeds can be perfectly adapted depending on the progress of the mixing process. The two agitator tools are fixed to the main stirring unit at different distances, thus guaranteeing quick and optimal mixing in all areas. The agitators also bring about perfect cement paste bonding. High agitator speeds effectively prevent lumps from forming. By means of a frequency converter, the speed can be changed and adapted to the make-up of the mix during the mixing process: Various speeds are possible during filling, dry and wet mixing and emptying. It is also possible to control the process depending on the power output of the motor – this ensures that nothing is left to be desired, especially when producing special concrete types.

The Open design has tremendous advantages

The trough is wide open at the top to allow optimal material feed and unrestricted access to the mixing mechanism of all Liebherr ring-pan mixers, including the Liebherr RIV 2.5 D. This design also allows quick and thorough cleaning. The large mixer cover, which does not require overhead attachments, makes it possible to open the mixer between 30% and 60% depending on the application. This ensures easy access from above and therefore easy maintenance. The drive motors and gearbox are positioned below the mixer and are easily accessible. This leaves sufficient room on the upper side for the components required for material feed and dedusting. This makes it easier to install in a wide variety of stationary mixing plants.

Innovative concrete production with Liebherr products

By drawing on its wealth of experience, Liebherr can offer both innovative mixer systems and complete stationary mixing plants for concrete production. Liebherr ring-pan mixers have been successfully used in concrete plants worldwide for many years now. One advantage of all Liebherr ring-pan systems is the ring-trough system. The special shape of the ring channel ensures that the complete mix is forced to flow to the mixing paddles or tools and is completely homogenised very quickly.