Press releases | 04/11/2016 The Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane: mobile and versatile on building sites

  • Large number of deliveries since the end of 2015
  • Currently in action in Europe
  • Additional facilities for flexible operation

The Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane is the latest development in the MK series. With the largest model in this series, Liebherr can now supply a compact 5-axle model which provides massive radius and load capacities whilst being compact in size. Several MK 140 cranes have been delivered since the end of 2015 and feedback from the first customers has been very positive.

The overall concept of Liebherr mobile construction cranes is to design them to be practical. The two current models in this series, the MK 88 and MK 140 are cost-effective and safe in action. The maximum lifting capacity of the new MK 140 is 8,000kg. At the same time the five-axle crane has an overall length of around 16m to make it very compact which is particularly beneficial for jobs in city centres.

Variable jib and half-sided support for greater flexibility

The new VarioJib concept has two modes for operating the Liebherr MK 140 – standard trolley mode and luffing mode. In trolley mode, the lifting capacity at the jib head with a maximum radius of 58.5m is 1,900kg.

Luffing mode enables the raised jib position to be adjusted infinitely when loaded between 20° and +70°. The hook heights of up to 94 m which can be achieved with this underline the great flexibility of the Liebherr MK 140 for site use and are unique in this class.

Various jib extensions are available for the jib on the Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane. With the first additional jib head, the MK 140 can achieve a radius of 62.5m in luffing mode. This additional jib head can remain on the crane when it is being driven on the road and in trolley mode. The range can be increased to 65 m with a second jib extension. With this radius, the new MK 140 can achieve a lifting capacity at the jib head of 1,000kg. With the hook heights and radius achieved using luffing mode, the MK 140 sets new standards in the mobile construction crane segment.

The half-sided support allows the MK 140 to be used with ease even in constricted conditions. The mobile construction crane can deliver the full lifting capacity curve on the side where the outriggers are fully extended whilst being able to get close to a building on the other side. The unrestricted radius is 210°.

Automatic set-up status recording for enhanced safety

Another new feature of the Liebherr MK 140 is its automatic set-up status recording system. The smart control system monitors the safety aspects of the crane configuration such as support width, ballasting, fitted jib heads and operating mode. The crane driver receives a suggestion about the current configuration of the crane on the display and must then confirm it. Incorrect entries in the configuration are therefore impossible which ensures greater safety on site.

New elevating operator's cab for more comfort

The new ergonomic elevating operator's cab provides perfect visibility of the site and significantly improved comfort. The combined heating and air conditioning system allows the temperature in the cabin to be controlled perfectly. Thanks to the new design of the cabin, the crane driver has significantly more legroom. Additional equipment such as a hands-free device and sunblinds make everyday work even more pleasant.

Technical data

  Luffing mode Trolley mode
Max. lifting capacity
Lifting capacity at max. radius
Max. radius/radii
Max. hook height(s)
1,700 kg
1,700 kg
60.0 m / 62.5 m / 65 m
89.7 m / 92.0 m / 94.4 m
8,000 kg
1,900 kg
58.5 m
75.5 m