Press releases | 01/20/2017 The largest roller-bearing slewing ring: Liebherr delivers a bearing with diameter of ten meters

  • Components Division of the Liebherr Group is further expanding its large diameter bearings portfolio in the area of segmented bearings
  • The largest roller-bearing slewing ring with a diameter of ten metres that Liebherr has so far manufactured, delivered and assembled

In addition to the standard series with a range of diameters from 800 mm to 6,000 mm Liebherr now offers larger diameters in single-piece as well as segmented versions. The largest roller bearing slewing ring to date, with an outer diameter of around ten metres, was recently completed at the Liebherr site in Biberach (Germany).

The largest roller-bearing slewing ring by Liebherr

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As a result of the expansion of its portfolio in the field of large-diameter bearings, Liebherr offers single-piece as well as segmented bearings with diameters of more than 6,000 mm. Large segmented bearings are mostly designed as three-row roller bearing slewing rings. The biggest one so far was produced at the Liebherr plant in Biberach. It has an outer diameter of about ten metres and a weight of about 40 tonnes. Such large bearings are mainly used in ship and offshore cranes. One of the special features of the hitherto largest roller bearing slewing rings is an integrated reduction measurement system, which reliably monitors the state of the huge bearing.

Due to the size, the bearing was machined in individual segments and inductively hardened. After approximately twelve months of development and production, the complete bearing was dismantled for transportation and has already been successfully installed on site. In the future, Liebherr's Components Division will set forth the expansion its large diameter bearings portfolio.

Components by the Liebherr Group

Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH develops and manufactures high-quality, high-performance components for drive technology, such as large diameter bearings, gearboxes and rope winches as well as electric machines and control cabinets. These components and systems are used not only in Liebherr own products but are also designed and manufactured for customers outside the Group. They find application, among others, in earthmoving machinery, wind turbines, mining equipment and in maritime applications as well as in vehicle technology, machine tools and traffic engineering.


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