News | 06/29/2023 The first in France: Liebherr sells two new 520 EC-B Fibre to Saint Yves Services

Strong new additions to the crane fleet of Saint Yves Services (SYS): Liebherr delivers not one but two 520 EC-B 20 Fibres to the French crane rental company. The flat-top crane is currently the largest model in the EC-B series and was unveiled to the public for the first time at Bauma 2022. A transport and assembly-optimised concept as well as pioneering fibre rope technology make the Liebherr machine a reliable partner for all types of construction projects.

The French crane rental company Saint Yves Services has already put its first 520 EC-B 20 Fibre from Liebherr to work at an industrial plant.

The 520 EC-B Fibre comes equipped with fibre rope and delivers greater performance compared to its steel rope counterpart.

“We're excited about our first 520 EC-B Fibre, and the second will be here soon – the first two in France ever!” says managing director Alexandre Saint-Yves. The first of the two flat-top cranes has been delivered, with the second one to follow shortly. SYS is expanding its fleet upwards with the help of these new 520 EC-B Fibres.

“The new Fibre cranes allow SYS to offer its customers an innovative and efficient lifting solution,” adds the managing director. Fibre cranes achieve significantly higher performance values compared to their steel rope counterparts. The fibre rope is more durable, easier to handle when reeving due to its lighter weight, and maintenance is less complicated as lubrication isn’t required. And on top of all that, operational safety is also increased; crane operators are able to see at a glance when the fibre rope needs changing. The elements of the rope’s outer layer wear out at different rates: when a special red layer becomes visible, it’s a sign that the rope has reached the end of its service life.

Enormous 20 tonne lifting capacity

SYS has embarked on an investment plan to optimally meet the demand for powerful cranes destined for large construction projects. With a lifting capacity of up to 20 tonnes, the 520 EC-B Fibre has plenty of power, which proves particularly useful on projects involving heavy prefabricated parts. “This means we are in the best possible position to support companies in their goal of reducing construction times,” says Alexandre Saint-Yves. “We're pushing ahead with our investments so that we can continue offering our customers the latest generation of high-performance cranes.”

The delivered 520 EC-B Fibre already has its first job. The crane will be in Brittany, western France, for twelve months, helping with the construction of a drying tower at a plant where milk protein is extracted for infant formula. CNR Construction, a long-standing SYS customer, chose the Liebherr 520 EC-B Fibre for its high lifting capacity, as heavy equipment needs to be placed for the industrial plant.

Tight site conditions also called for a space-saving undercarriage. Consequently, the 520 EC-B Fibre was mounted on a 24 HC 420 CB-0600 undercarriage measuring 6 x 6 metres. For this project, the crane has a hook height of 47 metres, whereby up to 90.6 metres can be achieved through the combination of undercarriage and tower system. The tower system is equipped with the crane driver elevator LiUP to ensure that the operator reaches their workplace quickly and safely.

About Saint Yves Services

The new additions coincide with a special year for the French crane rental company. 2023 marks the thirtieth anniversary of Saint Yves Services. The company was founded in 1993 by Christophe Saint-Yves. Based in Rennes, in the west of France, and managed by son Alexandre since 2014, the company specialises in the rental, service, and reconditioning of tower cranes and fast-erecting cranes. SYS has a fleet of 220 cranes, which includes around 50 from Liebherr: eleven fast-erecting cranes (81 K.1 and 125 K) and ten top-slewing cranes (240 EC-B Fibre, 370 EC-B Fibre and now 520 EC-B Fibre).