Press releases | 06/08/2017 Technology meets art – two Liebherr tower cranes build stage set in Bregenz

Liebherr is a construction partner to the Bregenz Festival: Two Liebherr tower cranes constructed the lake platform. The 154 EC-H 6 Litronic was specially anchored to the bed of Lake Constance for the opera "Carmen", while the 71 K has been owned by the Festival since 2000.

Liebherr tower cranes building the stage set for the opera "Carmen" in Bregenz.

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The construction work for the lake platform against a spectacular natural setting began in the autumn of last year. The stage designers used both the 154 EC-H 6 Litronic as well as the 71 K to build the 43 metre wide and 24 metre high stage set. They utilised the cranes to construct two oversized female hands made up of around 190 individual parts each, a steel frame as well as the 59 cards to form an impressive backdrop. One card alone is 30 square metres in size and weights about 2.5 tonnes.

The larger construction crane 154 EC-H 6 Litronic was already mounted on so-called pilots right next to the lake platform at the end of August 2016. These wooden piles are rammed into the bed of Lake Constance and form the foundation for the crane. The undercarriage of the top-slewing crane was mounted directly on the pilots. The crane was in service with a hook height of 33 metres until the end of April. It worked with a maximum radius of 60 metres and had a maximum lifting capacity of 6000 kilogrammes. The millimetre-precise positioning of the individual parts was important when erecting the stage. This was realised perfectly thanks to the fine-positioning mode Micromove.

The Liebherr division Tower Cranes has been a construction partner to the Bregenz Festival for many years, playing a key role in building the huge stage sets. A permanently installed fast-erecting crane 71 K has served as reliable lifting equipment when constructing the scenery since 2000. The 71 K is mounted on a pontoon 15 x 13 metres in size, so that it can be floated easily to where it is needed. The crane operates safely despite the movements caused by the surface of the water.

Georges Bizet's opera Carmen will be performed on the Bregenz lake platform during the 2017 and 2018 seasons. The première is set for 19 July, with a further 27 performances to be held over the summer until 20 August.


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