Press releases | 06/28/2022 Taking off with Liebherr electronics: high-tech drones by Quantum-Systems

  • Drone manufacturer Quantum-Systems relies on Liebherr’s experience, when it comes to the manufacturing of electronics for the autopilot and motor controller
  • Liebherr’s Components product segment in Lindau carries out the procurement, manufacturing, testing and assembly of the electronic components
  • Quantum-Systems and Liebherr plan to further expand their cooperation

The Munich-based drone manufacturer Quantum-Systems relies on Liebherr’s Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS). In future, Liebherr’s Components product segment will manufacture the Quantum-Skynode autopilot and the motor controller for the “Vector” and “Scorpion” unmanned aerial systems in Lindau (Germany). Quantum-Systems drones are used worldwide for mapping, surveying and reconnaissance applications.

Liebherr electronics on board: The “Vector” drone by Quantum-Systems is optimised for autonomous missions in mapping, surveying and reconnaissance applications.

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Florian Seibel, CEO and co-founder of Quantum-Systems, and Jan Uhlig, Managing Director at Liebherr-Elektronik GmbH, plan to further expand their cooperation in the field of electronics.

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The EMS order by Quantum-Systems does not only include the procurement of components and production of electronics, but also the assembly of components for the autopilot. Comprehensive testing services accompany the manufacturing processes and ensure high product quality.

“In Liebherr we have found an ideal electronics partner for our drones. Liebherr’s decades of experience in the production of high-quality aerospace electronics flows directly into our products. This is an essential element for the performance of our drones, especially for operations in adverse environmental conditions with extreme temperatures,” says Florian Seibel, CEO and co-founder of Quantum-Systems.

Further expansion of cooperation

A tour of the Liebherr-Elektronik GmbH production site in Lindau at the beginning of June 2022 heralded further expansion of the cooperation beyond manufacturing services. In future, the focus will be on development and qualification in the field of electronics in particular. With its in-house test centre in Lindau, Liebherr can also carry out the qualification and verification of electronic components on-site.

Flexibility and wide range of applications for the drones

Quantum-Systems’ drones can be equipped with different sensors and cameras. The vertical take-off and landing capability provides additional flexibility in use. The autopilot manufactured by Liebherr also enables fully autonomous drone operations. Fields of application are, for example, health analysis of plants from the air, progress monitoring in opencast mines or real-time situational analyses in disaster areas.

Long-standing experience in electronics manufacturing

For over 40 years, Liebherr’s electronic components have proven their value daily all over the world in a wide variety of industries, such as aviation, construction or mining. When it comes to the electronics manufacturing processes, the company draws on its profound cross-industry experience in operation under the most demanding conditions. This, in turn, ensures high quality in component assembly and installation.


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