News | 03/18/2024 Successful CDP ranking for Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS

Liebherr’s Corporate Responsibility Strategy embodies a sustainable and forward-looking approach.

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In 2023, the product segment Liebherr-Aerospace and Transportation Systems of the Liebherr Group participated for the second time in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and disclosed its “climate change” program.

Whereas Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS had achieved in 2022 a solid C, which was already quite a success, it was rewarded now with a solid B. This better ranking means that the company is taking coordinated action on climate issues compared to just knowing impacts on and of climate issues.

Liebherr-Aerospace and Transportation Systems’ ambitious corporate action is more important than ever. It is not only about meeting the demands of customers, but also about to enhance corporate reputation, to stay competitive and to uncover risks and opportunities as well as to track and benchmark progress.

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