Press releases | 08/30/2017 Steinexpo 2017: Liebherr presents high-performance wheel loaders for quarrying use

  • Liebherr presents three high-performance wheel loaders for the quarrying industry
  • L 580 and L 586 XPower wheel loaders for maximum efficiency with a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 30 per cent
  • New L 518 Stereoloader® as a reliable partner for companies in the quarrying industry

Liebherr is to present two wheel loaders from the large wheel loader segment at this year’s Steinexpo. With the two wheel loaders L 580 XPower® and L 586 XPower®, Liebherr introduces two machines from the successful XPower generation that are specially equipped for use in tough conditions in the extraction process. Another highlight on display at the Liebherr stand includes the emission stage IV/Tier 4f-compliant L 518 Stereoloader®, representing the new generation of stereoloaders. It caters to the needs of companies from the quarrying industry as a reliable partner and impresses thanks to its versatility.

The L 586 XPower® is used for presentations in the demo area. The trade fair exhibit has a tipping load of 21.600 kg with an operating weight of 32.600 kg. The L 586 XPower® is equipped with an efficient 260 kW/354 hp diesel engine compliant with emission stage IV/Tier 4f. The wheel loader is equipped with a powerful Z-bar linkage and a 5,5 m³ rock bucket with delta blade and a sturdy Liebherr tooth system.

The reinforced and redesigned Z-bar linkage is the best choice for use in quarrying. Thanks to the large torque in the lower lift arm range, the machine operator can quickly fill the bucket, which leads to a higher handling capacity. As another representative of the XPower generation, Liebherr presents the L 580 XPower® on the Liebherr trade fair stand.

XPower®: Sturdy, efficient and high-performance

The sturdiness of the machine was a particular focus during the development of the Liebherr XPower wheel loaders. Each XPower wheel loader is fitted with more rugged axles than the previous generation. In some cases, even with the axles of the next larger model of the previous generation. In addition to the axles, Liebherr has reinforced further core components such as the hydraulic cylinders and the lift arm. These are the ideal conditions for demanding use at the quarry face.

At the heart of the XPower wheel loader is the power-split stage IV/Tier 4f-compliant XPower driveline that Liebherr now provides as standard for these machines. It combines a hydrostatic drive, which is ideal for short loading cycles, with a mechanical drive, which in turn shows its benefits when covering long distances. This combination ensures maximum efficiency and exceptional fuel savings of up to 30 per cent in comparison to wheel loaders of the same size class.

To optimally manage challenges such as steep ascents in quarrying, wheel loaders require a particularly powerful drive. Boasting a combination of hydrostatic and mechanical drives, the XPower ground drive system enables XPower wheel loaders to offer maximum performance. The interaction between these two drive types continuously adjusts to the respective application automatically. As a result, XPower® offers optimum acceleration and performance along all loading cycles.

L 518 Stereoloader® as a reliable partner for quarrying companies

With the new stereoloader L518 Stereo®, Liebherr presents an agile and versatile partner for companies in the quarrying industry. The L 518 Stereo is equipped with the powerful and new standardised Z-bar linkage with hydraulic quick hitch and a 3,5 m³ high-tipping bucket. With an operating weight of 9.320 kg, the exhibit achieves a tipping load of 6.860 kg.

The Liebherr stereoloaders have been known as reliable and agile all-rounders for over two decades. The two new models L 514 Stereo and L 518 Stereo, which were introduced by Liebherr in May, also stand for these qualities. The key component of the new Stereoloader® is further constituted by the stereo steering that is typical for Liebherr in this machine class, featuring a combination of articulated steering and a steered rear axle.

For use involving longer distances to be covered, Liebherr optionally offers the models as a "speeder” version. In this version, the new Stereoloaders ® achieve a top speed of 40 km/h. As a result, operators save time and money because the fast wheel loaders cover large distances in a short period of time. Both new models, the L514 Stereo and L518 Stereo, are available from the second half of 2017 and can be seen at various trade fairs.