Press releases | 09/06/2016 SMM 2016: New dimensions - Liebherr expands its portfolio of large diameter bearings by adding diameters of over 6,000 mm

  • Liebherr manufactures large diameter bearings for a wide range of applications, in all weight and diameter classes
  • Liebherr's application-specific design and manufacturing ensures high accuracy and functionality in large diameter bearings

Liebherr’s large diameter bearings are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for different applications. In addition to the standard series with a range of diameters from 800 mm to 6,000 mm Liebherr now offers larger diameters in single-piece as well as segmented versions which will be presented by the Components division from 6 to 9 September at the international trade fair for shipbuilding, machinery and marine technology (SMM) in Hamburg.

Large diameter bearing by Liebherr with a segmented construction

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With immediate effect, Liebherr offers both single-piece as well as segmented diameter bearings with a size of over 6,000 mm. Single-piece large bearings are usually offered as roller ball slewing rings or as 3-row roller bearings with diameters up to 8,000 mm. The large diameter bearing product portfolio includes Liebherr’s four-point bearings, three-row roller bearing slewing rings and roller ball slewing rings. To date, Liebherr has developed and produced bearings with diameters ranging from 800 mm to 6,000 mm.

Large diameter bearings are proven on a daily basis in a variety of applications, such as excavators, tower cranes, wind turbines and marine applications every day. The product portfolio includes all current and special gearing modules. Bearings can optionally be supplied with external, internal or no gearing.

Segmented bearings to extend product portfolio

Large bearings with a segmented construction are mostly designed as triple-row roller slewing rings. For diameters less than 10,000 mm, the raceways are induction hardened. Standard hardened filler plates are used as raceways for diameters in sizes from 10,000 mm upwards. “Segmented large bearings are particularly suitable for the offshore industry, as well as for oil and gas applications,” explains Wolfram Halder, Liebherr’s Product Manager for Large Diameter Bearings. He adds: “The Liebherr Components division is extending its product portfolio in this area to ensure that our offerings correspond to our customers' needs as closely as possible.”

Liebherr’s large diameter bearings are distinguished by very high specific load-bearing capacity arising from optimal and application-optimized design. Liebherr’s entire manufacturing process is characterized by the professional know-how of the workforce and modern machinery.

Liebherr has manufactured more than 350,000 large diameter bearings for use worldwide. In addition to the variety of products, customers value Liebherr’s application-specific engineering and outstanding quality. Depending on customer requirements, customised design and calculation in line with the latest research and development methods, including adjacent construction, are available. Liebherr operates as an experienced partner through extensive implementation know-how and optimises its components for specific applications. Liebherr-Service also provides assistance with on-site installation. Liebherr customers benefit from tailor-made solutions with perfectly matched components.


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