Press releases | 03/26/2021 Service made Simple: New SCR parts kit

  • Easy troubleshooting by site staff when time is of the essence
  • Customer satisfaction to the fore: complete support for Liebherr customers

Liebherr expands its range of useful modular tool and parts boxes to assist with the efficient repair of machines in the field. The SCR parts kit is fully equipped with the necessary parts, including step-by-step guide, to enable the immediate repair of SCR systems of Stage IV/Tier 4F and Stage V machines by site staff. The kit is available for all crawler cranes up to capacities of 300 t, duty cycle crawler cranes and deep foundation equipment, as well as mobile harbour cranes and reachstackers, which comply with these emission standards.

New SCR parts kit: Single source and original quality.

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Liebherr has compiled a new service kit for the repair of SCR systems of Stage IV/Tier 4F and Stage V machines. Especially these types of repairs require immediate attention in order to keep costs and standstill time to a minimum. Site personnel can carry out repairs immediately without the need to call in external services.

The SCR parts kit contains original parts from Liebherr. These are subject to the same rigorous quality inspections as the machines themselves. They are perfectly tailored to Liebherr diesel engines and so provide the optimum compatibility required of individual parts. An accompanying manual clearly explains all components and tools and describes the corresponding working steps in detail. The sensitive SCR components are housed in a robust and specially adapted case in order to provide ideal storage, as well as high flexibility and mobility.

When time is of the essence

Should an SCR issue arise on a machine the timeline for troubleshooting is dictated by international laws and regulations and is defined by four levels. The first three levels result in graduating power reductions. However, time is of the essence. Level 1 must be remedied within 60 minutes of the first warning, level 2 within 170 minutes and level 3 within 200 minutes. Level 4 troubleshooting and repair can be carried out only once. If this one attempt fails, a Liebherr service technician is required to repair and reset the SCR system.

Using the SCR parts kit, the troubleshooting for all four levels can all be easily performed by site staff. This new support for customers provides a major benefit in maintaining the timeline and overcoming external factors.

Customer satisfaction to the fore

The new SCR parts kit is paramount in the continued support for Liebherr customers during the present pandemic, which currently curtails the travel and attendance of Liebherr service personnel at customer sites. It is also an important addition to Liebherr’s Remote Service tool, which provides assistance through visual information, so leading to faster and easier troubleshooting. Audio and video calls, a chat function, screen sharing, image and document exchange, as well as whiteboarding functions are some of the features that have been integrated in the tool. These enable real-time, fast and effective customer support from Liebherr experts worldwide.

Further parts kits will be introduced in the near future in order to maintain a high level of operation for Liebherr machines.

All components and parts, including the new SCR parts kit, are quickly and easily obtainable 24/7 from the online portal MyLiebherr.


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