Press releases | 11/24/2023 Second hand, but still first class – Liebherr offers attractive opportunities

  • Liebherr customers benefit from global sales and service network
  • Global crane offer also available for Brazilian market

Whether almost new or old, large or small, with lattice boom or telescopic boom – Liebherr offers used cranes with shorter delivery times at attractive conditions via a global sales and service network. This service is available in various countries. The Liebherr subsidiary in Guaratinguetá, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024, has also been offering the used crane service for more than three decades.

The LTM 1500-8.1 arrives at the WWN site.

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The LR 1600/2-W from Darcy Pacheco Soluções is in operation during the assembly of a wind farm in Brazil.

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The LR 1600/2-W from I.V. Guindastes is maintaining wind farms in Brazil.

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The LG 1750 is being assembled at the headquarters of Guindastes Tatuapé.

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The LTM 1400-7.1 from Orimom during an industrial assembly.

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New cranes, spare parts, service and customer support as well as the sale of used cranes are part of Liebherr’s all-round carefree package. The Brazilian market also has a modern repair shop for mobile and crawler cranes at the Guaratinguetá site. With technical know-how and decades of experience, repair specialists bring used cranes up to the latest state of the art. This makes them almost as good as new: “For all the work involved, we offer to our customers original manufacturer quality, in line with the motto: second hand, but still first class,” explains Rene Porto, division manager for mobile and crawler cranes at Liebherr Brasil.

From painting to the inspection of individual components to repair, every used Liebherr crane can be reconditioned individually according to the customer’s request. “Liebherr cranes are durable and retain their value. A general refurbishment also enables us to give our customers warranties on the used crane,” says Porto. At the Guaratinguetá site, however, customers receive more than full service when their mobile and crawler cranes need to be repaired or refurbished: “Customers have access to the entire global network of used Liebherr machines from all over the world”, Porto explains.

LR 1600/2-W for Darcy Pacheco Soluções de Peso Ltda.

Darcy Pacheco Soluções opted for a used LR 1600/2-W crane to complement their fleet. Eduardo Silva, the company’s technical director says: “The choice of this model was based on the locations where we operate and the prospects of future projects. The major suppliers of wind turbines operating in the national market take this crane type as their reference when sizing components, projecting roads and creating topographical profiles of the parks”.

He adds: “Even though it is ‘used’ equipment, the LR 1600/2-W we acquired left nothing to be desired in terms of quality. It has performed like a new crane in all displacements and operations that we have made so far. Also, thanks to its high product quality, the crane has not required major repair – this degree of concern has always been a trademark of Liebherr that we value so much.”

LG 1750 for Guindastes Tatuapé Ltda.

A long-standing partner of Liebherr, Guindastes Tatuapé, has acquired the versatile mobile crane with luffing jib, LG 1750, to meet the growing demands of the wind energy sector. With a maximum capacity of 750 tonnes, this model can also be used in various industrial areas, including oil and gas, civil construction, and other markets.

“After extensive studies by our technical team, coupled with market demands, we concluded that the LG 1750 possesses technical features and capacity that will meet the majority of current market demands, especially in the wind energy segment. The longstanding partnership between Guindastes Tatuapé and Liebherr, built on the reliability we have experienced with all Liebherr equipment in our fleet, also influenced the decision to choose the LG 1750,” emphasizes Commercial Manager Marcelo Monteiro.

LR 1600/2-W for I.V. Guindastes

In late 2022, I.V Guindastes acquired a used LR 1600/2-W crane to meet the assembly and maintenance operations of wind farms in the Northeast region of the country. “We already had two 600-tonne-class crawler cranes of the same type in our fleet. Recently, we invested in upgrades for these machines to meet the increasing demand for equipment with higher capacities and working heights. The decision to go for a used machine was due to the crane’s availability, and it was delivered in record time. Despite the logistical challenges and summer vacations in Europe at that time, it arrived very quickly and was ready to start operations,” explains Igor Boff, Commercial Director of I.V Guindastes.

“We have had a long-standing partnership with Liebherr since 1994, starting with our father, Ivo Boff. Since 2011, the second generation has been running our company, and our relationship with Liebherr deepens even further”, he adds.

LTM 1400-7.1 for Guinchos Orimom Ltda.

To meet the growing demand for additional equipment and various types of operations, Orimom has acquired a Liebherr all-terrain crane LTM 1400-7.1. With a seven-axle chassis, this crane has a lifting capacity of 400 tonnes and can operate in diverse activities.

Having arrived in Brazil in January 2023, Orimom’s used LTM 1400-7.1 is already operating at full capacity in industrial assembly projects. “Since its delivery, the crane has been used in an operation to replace three distillation columns and has other operations scheduled for maintenance in chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, among others,” says Orimom’s CEO, Márcio Gerardini. “The choice for a used Liebherr crane was based on commercial conditions: after a high quality revision by the manufacturer, the crane was ready to use immediately”, adds Orimom’s shareholder Valéria Rubia.

LTM 1500-8.1 for WWN Locações e Transportes de Máquinas Ltda.

WWN has chosen the LTM 1500-8.1 crane with a capacity of 500 tonnes to meet the needs of the industry and civil construction. “We have chosen the LTM 1500-8.1 to expand the opportunities and demands of our company, providing additional high-class equipment and offering our customers solutions with greater efficiency. It is a suitable model for large-scale operations and can handle up to 500 tonnes. We already have other Liebherr models, including a 350-tonne crane. Acquiring a higher-capacity equipment will further enhance our operations and projects in the market, especially for large-scale construction works, meeting the most demanding tasks,” explains Leonardo Navarro, shareholder of WWN.


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