News | 01/10/2017 Rocky Point Mulching – Australian Farmer Of The Year 2016 Winners

Rocky Point Mulching – Australian Farmer Of The Year 2016 Winners

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Rocky Point Mulching is a third-generation family owned and operated business, which focuses on environmental sustainability, renewable resources and recovery development. In November of last year, Rocky Point Mulching were the proud winners of the 2016 Australian Farmers of the Year award. In what could be considered a challenging time for cane farmers in the Northern Gold Coast area, with talks of urban development and the unsustainability of the industry, this is a true achievement.

Rocky Point Mulching currently have two Liebherr L 550 and one L 524 wheel loaders in operation. The main reason for choosing Liebherr was the equipment’s fuel efficiency and supporting services provided.

Josh Keith, Operations Manager, says the hydrostatic drive of the wheel loaders makes for quick and efficient loading times of hoppers and screening machines. Moreover, the versatility of having quick hitches means they can use the same loader to do various operations.

“The reliability of the wheel loaders is a major advantage”, Josh states. “Having machines down means loss of production. The customer service is the main reason we decided to go with Liebherr. The close vicinity meant that response time would be near immediate. Douglas, Scott, Kris and the rest of the team have shown exceptional customer service and if continued would definitely be a major factor in the purchase of our next loader.”