Press releases | 03/16/2015 Rescue sheet for Liebherr mobile cranes increases safety for recovery work

  • Rescue sheet provides information about the structure of the crane and hazardous substances
  • The aim is to enable the fast rescue of passengers and the recovery of the crane after accidents
  • Liebherr mobiles cranes which comply with stage 3b or over feature a rescue sheet

Liebherr mobiles cranes which comply with stage 3b or over now come with a rescue sheet as standard. This shows the structure of the crane and any hazardous substances on it. It is a tool to provide valuable help to fire service and recovery personnel for rescuing personnel and recovering the mobile crane after an accident. The rescue sheet is located behind the driver's seat.

Extract from a rescue sheet.

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The Liebherr rescue sheet is located behind the driver's seat.

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The Ehingen fire service conducts practical tests on driver's cabs and crane cabs.

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Rescue sheets have been available for new cars for some time now. Rescue sheets are now also available for lots of commercial vehicles and trucks. Modern automotive engineering is safer but also hampers the fast rescue of passengers. The rescue sheet is an information sheet which provides details of the vehicle's structure and the best places to cut the bodywork open. Fire service and recovery personnel can rescue people more quickly and safely using this tool.

To make it easier for recovery personnel to rescue crane drivers after traffic accidents or accidents on sites, a project team at Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH has developed rescue sheets for Liebherr mobile cranes. These complex and highly technical vehicles are a niche product and relatively unknown to fire service personnel. In developing the concept Liebherr worked closely with the local fire service from Ehingen. In addition to providing advice and exchanging information, practical tests were carried out on driver's cabs and crane cabs.

The rescue sheet shows details of the relevant media on the crane, for example fuels and oil, their hazard class, volumes and precise location. In addition the structure of the driver's cab and crane cab, including the seats and their adjustment functions are shown. The first crane models were supplied with the rescue sheet in 2011. Liebherr now delivers all LTM and LTC cranes which comply with emissions stage 3b or over with a rescue sheet.

Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH

Liebherr in Ehingen was founded in 1969. The company has established itself as the global market leader in mobile cranes with a large number of its own locations and excellent service throughout the world. Continuous investments in a high standard of customer service and in its sales and service subsidiaries in every continent has meant that the company has been able to record excellent success all over the world.

Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH is part of the global Liebherr Group of Companies. This family-run company is one of the largest manufacturers of construction machine in the world and is also renowned as a supplier of technically advanced, user-focussed products and services in many other industries.


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