News | 10/14/2016 Ready for operation: Two new Liebherr LH 50 High Rise Industry material handlers at MMK Metalurji in Dörtyol

The LH 50 M High Rise Industry Litronic from Liebherr impresses with its high performance and low fuel consumption.

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Only recently the Turkish company MMK Metalurji proudly put two new Liebherr machines into operation: an LH 50 C High Rise Industry Litronic with crawler undercarriage and an LH 50 M High Rise Industry Litronic with wheeled undercarriage. The two material handlers are mainly used for loading and unloading scrap, iron or bulk material from 2,000 DWT to 7,000 DWT sized vessels at the site in Dörtyol. Quiet operation with the highest payload is guaranteed by the large, sturdy undercarriage. For a reach of up to 18m, the two Liebherr machines are equipped with a 9.60m long angled boom and a 9.00m long flat angled stick. In each machine the VarioLift equipment permits the installation of the hoisting cylinders according to the desired working area and application, thus defining the best kinematics variant. The machines are equipped with semi-closed multi-tine grabs with a capacity of 1.40m³ as well as a load hook for lifting operations. At the end of this year MMK will take delivery of two clamshell grabs for handling bulk material. Despite it being early days the machines are already proving to be an excellent investment thanks to the formidable performance and low fuel consumption. Both aspects are supported by the standard Liebherr energy recovery system (ERC).

MMK Metalurji is part of the Russian OJSC MMK Group. The company has two operation sites in Turkey: Dörtyol and Istanbul. MMK Metalurji is one of the biggest steel producers in Turkey and a leading manufacturer of galvanised and colour-coated steel strips in the Middle East and Mediterranean region. Each year the company produces and sells around 900,000 tonnes of trade steel products. The port of MMK Metalurji is the largest private port in Turkey.