Press releases | 01/28/2019 Prototype of the Liebherr A 913 Compact Litronic wheeled excavator: all-rounder in new weight class

  • Liebherr to showcase the prototype of the new A 913 Compact at bauma 2019
  • The wheeled excavator will be available for compliance with Stage V exhaust emission standards from the middle of 2020
  • Great flexibility thanks to all-wheel steering and crab mode

Liebherr will showcase the prototype of the new A 913 Compact Litronic wheeled excavator for the first time at bauma 2019. This compact wheeled excavator, which complies with Stage V emission standards, is an all-rounder for classic earthmoving work on construction sites where space is tight. It has an operating weight of between 13,800 and 15,500 kg and thanks to the flexible undercarriage with all-wheel steering and crab mode, the machine particularly impresses with its combination of exceptional manoeuvrability and high lift capacities.

The new A 913 Compact Litronic from Liebherr: extremely manoeuvrable and flexible thanks to all-wheel steering and crab mode.

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The prototype of the new A 913 Compact Litronic wheeled excavator being exhibited at bauma 2019 is equipped with a 2550 mm wide undercarriage with outriggers at the back and a dozer blade at the front. Its equipment consist of a 4.65 m long adjustable boom and a 2.25 m long dipper stick with Liebherr’s fully automated quick coupler system LIKUFIX.

Focus on flexibility

With the A 913 Compact, Liebherr has developed a machine that combines high lift capacities with exceptional manoeuvrability and flexibility. The compact excavator is equipped with a very flexible undercarriage with four wheel drive and crab mode. With the four wheel drive, the front and rear axle steering angles are engaged in opposite directions so that only a very small turning radius is needed during rotation. In crab mode, the front and rear axle steering angles both operate in the same way. As a result, the machine can be moved sideways without the upper carriage turning. The optional mudguards reduce the cleaning effort and avoid damage to the upper carriage from airborne dirt.

Some of the biggest challenges for machine operators in urban areas are created by the confined spatial conditions on construction sites. Thanks to a small tail swing of just 1.7 m, the new A 913 Compact can be used flexibly for classic excavation work, such as uncovering existing elements, shaping banks and compressing material, as well as for all other earthworks. Liebherr has also designed the machine without a pivot bearing for the adjustable boom and has secured it closer to the centre of the upper carriage. This results in reduced front swing radius, which enables flexible use of the machine.

Powerful and efficient

With the 95 kW / 129 HP engine, the new A 913 Compact simultaneously achieves high performance levels, excellent driving distances and high levels of fuel efficiency. As the engine achieves maximum output at low speeds, the components are protected, which therefore ensures a long service life. In this new compact excavator, the Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE) system also ensures optimal efficiency of the drive components in every situation, thereby significantly reducing fuel consumption.

In the A 913 Compact the requirements of Stage V exhaust emission standards are met by the combination of a diesel oxidation catalyst, a particulate filter and an SCR system. The system reduces the exhaust emissions effectively and protects the environment.

Usual high level of comfort and optimal service accessibility

With its cab, the A 913 Compact offers the best possible environment for comfortable and productive work, which enables the operator to fully concentrate on the work at hand. Examples of the high levels of comfort and the safety equipment that Liebherr offers as standard include the foldable armrest, an intuitive operating environment, the automatic working brake, the automatic axle locking cylinder and the capability to operate the excavator jib without having to change grip. Safety can be enhanced with Skyview, a 360° camera system mounted on the upper carriage.

The A 913 Compact’s large engine hood opens along the entire right side of the machine to give fast and convenient access to all servicing points. This means that the daily maintenance work can be carried out from the ground.


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