Press releases | 06/24/2024 Protecting Heritage: Liebherr MK 140 Secures Cathedral

Limited workspace on a historic building: In the western French city of Angers, the roof of the nave at Saint-Maurice Cathedral has been secured with protective measures. A Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane was instrumental in performing the necessary lifting operations.

The Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane was positioned close to the cathedral, facilitating the lifting operations in the historic town center.

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A total of ten elements form the protective screen for the roof of the cathedral.

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Each element is 25 metres long and weighs up to two tonnes.

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The construction work is expected to take 14 months.

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Construction of the Gothic-style cathedral was completed around 1250. In 2024, extensive renovation work is scheduled for the church roof, which began in October 2023 and is expected to last 14 months. Umbrella-type protection has been erected over the 30-meter-high roof. Ten elements were lifted to the required height using an MK 140 mobile construction crane, which was successfully positioned next to the church, despite the limited space in the historic city center. The lifting operations were conducted by the French company Adekma on behalf of Entrepose.

Entire Roof Area Accessible from a Single Location

The elements used each measure 25 meters long, up to three meters wide, and weigh up to two tonnes. They were assembled at a significant height after being lifted to protect the church roof. The nave is 48 meters long and 16.4 meters wide.

The mobile construction crane operated at a distance of 42.5 meters, a hook height of up to 30 meters, and luffed positions of 30° and 45°. Throughout the task, the maximum lifting capacities were utilised across the entire load curve. Due to its maneuverability, compact design, and boom length, the crane was able to cover the entire roof area from a single location while remaining close to the building. The steep jib positions ensured the appropriate working height and necessary load capacity. The height adjustable operator’s cab provided the crane operator with an optimal view of the loading area and the cathedral roof.

Saint-Maurice Cathedral impresses visitors with a dome vault over 24 meters high and stained glass windows from the 12th, 13th, and 15th centuries. The building is listed among France's preserved historical monuments.

About Adekma

The material handling and lifting company based in Le Mans, in north-west France, operates nine Liebherr mobile construction cranes across eight sites: seven MK 88 cranes and one MK 140. The newest addition, an MK 140-5.1, joined the fleet at the beginning of 2024. The fleet also includes 80 mobile cranes with capacities of up to 700 tonnes.


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