Press releases | 05/25/2020 Used with people, technology and enthusiasm – Prantl invests in three new Liebherr excavators

  • New excavator trio in ruby-red custom colours
  • Various uses in Tirol and surrounding areas
  • Prantl – a traditional company with around 70 employees

Three ruby-red Liebherr excavators have been used for several months in construction projects in Tirol and southern Germany – Two Generation 8 R 924 crawler excavators and an A 914 Compact wheeled excavator with laterally adjustable jib.

New A 914 Compact from Prantl impresses people in the centre of Munich with its small tail swing.

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Proud of the new Liebherr machine – from left to right: Peter Prantl (Prantl Roppen), Thomas Volgger (Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH), Johannes Falkner (Prantl Roppen).

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Excavator used in front of an impressive backdrop – Prantl's new ruby-red Liebherr crawler excavator in the Tirol mountains.

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A strong team – new Generation 8 Liebherr crawler excavator loading HGVs.

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Used with people, technology and enthusiasm – Manager Peter Prantl (Prantl Roppen) in front of the two new Liebherr crawler excavators.

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Due to the excellent partnership between the companies, Prantl decided to invest in three new Liebherr machines – two R 924 crawler excavators and an A 914 Compact wheeled excavator. The two 24-tonne crawler excavators are from the new Generation 8, which was presented in April last year at bauma in Munich. For even greater comfort, safety, ergonomics and performance, seven models from 22 to 45 tonnes were put on the global market with a completely revised design.

"Our drivers are over the moon"

We have also invested in a new A 914 Compact wheeled excavator. "The A 914 Compact machine is brilliant. It is currently being used in Munich, and our drivers are completely satisfied," explains Peter Prantl enthusiastically. The Liebherr wheeled excavator demonstrates its practicality and versatility in daily operations. According to Prantl, the compact machine with laterally adjustable jib is especially impressive when used in confined inner city areas. With the short tail swing of only 1.75 m, the A 914 Compact can be used flexibly in traditional excavation work, uncovering existing structural elements, modelling banks, compressing materials, as well as all other earthworks.

"We are in very good hands with the new wheeled excavator from Liebherr. Our drivers are very enthusiastic about the new A 914 Compact machine. They are over the moon. That is why we ordered yet another A 918 Compact wheeled excavator in January 2020, which will be delivered in the coming months," explains Andrea Prantl (MSc).The paintwork of the three new machines in the company colour also evokes a positive response. "On the outside a real Prantl, on the inside a real Liebherr," she adds with a smile. An "emotional connection" to the machines is clearly felt by the drivers – all three new Liebherr machines have their own names.

"A partnership on an equal footing"

In the area of attachments for the construction machine fleet, Prantl relies exclusively on the fully automatic LIKUFIX quick coupler system from Liebherr. "The complete changeover was fully assessed on our side. We are very satisfied with the quality of care from our contacts at Liebherr, and the spare parts availability is exceptionally high. It is a partnership on an equal footing; the interpersonal basis suits us," elaborates Peter Prantl.

Staff at Prantl are also particularly impressed by the Liebherr customer portal MyLiebherr. Peter Prantl is convinced that "the potential source of mistakes, i.e. that you accidentally order the wrong spare part, is consequently reduced to a minimum." "It simplifies the process enormously, and spare part deliveries are really a key aspect for us," adds Andrea Prantl.

"Liebherr always helps you without complications. You have the feeling that the contact person in customer services takes care of the matter immediately," continues Peter Prantl. "Daily business is already extremely complex. Anything that makes work easier adds value and is particularly important to us. This also includes communication on an equal footing – if your counterpart responds with understanding and care," explains Peter Prantl. At Prantl, people are convinced that the right systems and good interpersonal contact pave the way to the future.

Always keeping pace with the times

There are now 27 construction machines in the full fleet. The many years of collaboration with Liebherr started in the field of wheeled excavators. The company places great value on ongoing innovations in the machinery pool. "We see ourselves as a modern company, and want to be at the cutting edge of technology in all areas," says Andrea Prantl, outlining the considerations.

Driver satisfaction also plays an extremely important role at Prantl. The drivers are included in advance of purchase decisions. Andrea Prantl is certain that "a satisfied driver has, in our view, a higher performance potential." "In this respect, staying still means a step back. You must move with the times, and we also expect this of our employees. Luckily, everyone is very open to innovations – the young as well as the older colleagues. We also try to promote this spirit of openness right across all divisions," continues Andrea Prantl. The company consciously supports each individual employee with the numerous technical innovations, so that everyone is familiar with the systems. This way, worries and concerns are gradually removed and errors avoided.

The company also displays extremely progressive thinking when it comes to working hours. "We create targeted incentives for our employees, so that they can optimally combine work and private life. As they also work for us in neighbouring countries, we want to allow them more flexibility in terms of free time, in addition to higher earnings," Prantl goes on to explain. The Tirol construction specialist is convinced that it is a win-win situation for all those involved.

The Prantl Roppen company

Prantl Roppen implements numerous construction projects with its spirited team and through the targeted use of the latest technologies. The company was founded in 1988 by Peter Prantl, who has been supported in the business for 20 years by his wife, Andrea Prantl. Over the past decades, a huge variety of projects have been successfully implemented in the areas of road construction, pipeline construction, ground excavation, outdoor facilities and riprap.

With enthusiasm and heart, the traditional Tirol company Prantl Roppen, Erd- und Leitungsbau GmbH supports project partners at home and abroad. Prantl is a specialist and regional market leader, especially in the pipeline construction sector.


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