Press releases | 03/14/2023 Powerful performance and impressive reach: the 470 EC-B flat-top crane from Liebherr

  • Flat-top crane with lifting capacities of up to 35,270 lbs (16 t) or 44,090 lbs (20 t) available worldwide
  • Cost-effective operation, assembly and transport of the tower crane
  • Comfortable cab and intuitive operating system enable the crane operator to work safely and efficiently

Liebherr presents the 470 EC-B, its largest flat-top crane in steel rope design, at Conexpo in Las Vegas. The top-slewing crane excels with a maximum lifting capacity of 35,270 lbs (16 t) or 44,090 lbs (20 t). From transport through assembly to operation on site, Liebherr’s crane meets all the demands of a modern fleet and can now be seen for the first time at a trade show in North America.

A 470 EC-B 20 is at work in Copenhagen (Denmark).

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In Nuremberg (Germany), a Liebherr 470 EC-B helped assemble another EC-B crane.

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The Tower Crane Operating System features a streamlined menu structure on a twelve-inch touchscreen display.

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The EC-B series flagship crane offers a jib length of 262 ft (80 m). With an optional jib extension, this reach can be increased to 272 ft (83 m), setting new standards on the market. With a jib length of 262 ft (80 m), the 35,270 lbs (16-tonne) version of the 470 EC-B achieves a lifting capacity of up to 7,050 lbs (3,200 kg) at its head; the 44,090 lbs (20-tonne) version features a top lifting capacity of up to 6,610 lbs (3,000 kg). The jib can be sectioned for precise site planning.

Optimized for transport and assembly

During development, the focus was as much on assembly and transport as it was on performance. All cranes in the EC-B series allow the jib and counter-jib to be attached to the slewing platform easily, conveniently and safely. This is made possible by Liebherr’s proven quick assembly connections. Only five truck loads are needed to transport the 470 EC-B’s slewing section and jib, including counter-ballast. Advantages are: Reducing time, costs and emissions. This allows Liebherr to offer customers a high-quality crane that operates safely, efficiently and in an environmentally responsible way.

The climbable crane features a connection for both 24 HC 420 and 24 HC 630 tower systems. The 24 HC tower system is ideal for large cranes with high lifting capacities. Compact dimensions allow the cost-efficient transport of its tower sections from A to B. The 470 EC-B has been optimized for the 24 HC 420 tower system to offer an economical solution for a freestanding hook height of up to approx. 223 ft (68 m). A maximum freestanding hook height of approx. 325 ft (99 m) is achieved with the 24 HC 630.

Ergonomic cab and intuitive operation

The top slewing crane is available with the well-designed LiCAB crane operator's cab that comes in three versions: LiCAB Basic, LiCAB Air and LiCAB AirPlus. All three offer a floor space of more than 22 sq ft (2 m²), an unrestricted view for precision lifting and an ergonomic control stand. These and other comfort features enable the crane operator to work with full focus. The cab’s extensive field of vision provides the crane operator with a clear view of the construction site and the loads to be lifted, ensuring maximum safety.

Also included is a twelve-inch display screen with intuitive interface. The Tower Crane Operating System (Tower Crane OS) offers tailored menus, a wide choice of languages and relevant units of measurement to crane operators and assembly engineers to easily find the parameters most relevant to their work. Users navigate their way through the streamlined menu structure via touchscreen. Display masks can be combined in different ways to maintain an overview during crane operation and scaling. The exceptional usability of the Tower Crane OS means that training and familiarization times are reduced.

LED advertising space lighting for a powerful promotional impact

LED advertising panel lighting can be configured to ensure a substantial long-distance effect and visibility, particularly at the onset of twilight and at night. With a total area of just under 97 sq ft (9 m²), the robust lighting delivers a powerful and effective promotional impact. The panels don’t have to be mounted separately during assembly and can remain in place on the counter-jib end section during transport. Signage is also easily applied.

A series of outstanding cranes

As they don’t have a tower head structure, several EC-B series flat-top cranes are able to work together safely on the same site, even in tight conditions. EC-B cranes are specifically designed to meet the requirements of modern construction sites including transport, assembly, capacity, and safety. They cover a wide performance spectrum, ranging from small city to large trans-shipment cranes. The 470 EC-B completes the top end of Liebherr's successful series, with the crane reflecting the construction industry’s trend towards heavier components.

A construction project in Copenhagen (Denmark), where a 470 EC-B is in use, is a good example. A residential and office building with a 328 ft (100 m) high tower is being built in the Carlsberg Byen district. Liebherr dealer, Normas, has opted for a 470 EC-B with a hook height of 115 ft (35 m) and a 148 ft (45 m) jib for this job. The site requires a lot of heavy precast concrete parts to be moved.

When it came to building new apartments in Nuremberg (Germany), the project team, consisting of the Liebherr Tower Crane Center, Liebherr dealer Beutlhauser and Mauss Bau, found the right solution in a 470 EC-B. With a radius of 197 ft (60 m), the crane can transport heavy loads over longer distances and places all required parts at whatever location is specified. The 470 EC-B also carried out a task that was a little out of the ordinary. Due to an underground railway line running under the site, the use of a mobile crane to support a second crane, a 172 EC-B, proved impossible. So, the smaller flat-top crane was assembled with the help of the 470 EC-B alone.


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