Press releases | 01/28/2019 Powerbloc: 42-metre truck mounted concrete pump with a completely new drive unit from Liebherr

  • Sales launch with the Bauma kickoff
  • Available worldwide
  • Powerbloc as the unique drive unit for the pump system

Liebherr will introduce the completely redeveloped 42 M5 XXT truck mounted concrete pump for the medium range class at Bauma this year. One highlight is the unique Liebherr Powerbloc drive unit: Through the complete integration of all hydraulic switching and measuring elements, the 42 M5 XXT convinces with unique robustness, increased performance and especially quiet operation.

The new 42 M5 XXT truck mounted concrete pump combines high flexibility for the boom and support in a compact and modern device.

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The new 42 M5 XXT complements the Liebherr product portfolio of truck mounted concrete pumps for the medium range class with an allrounder with a modern design. Equipped with the popular 5-piece multi-folding mast, it is compactly built for the street and is proving to have a long reach at the construction site. The low unfolding height and outstanding slip characteristics of the 42 M5 XXT, paired with its great mobility, facilitates working in buildings. No part remained untouched during its development: Thanks to intensive detail work, the total weight of the agile and compact device falls below the license-related 32-ton limit applicable in most European countries for four-axle vehicles, without giving up the quiet and stable machine behaviour typical for Liebherr. Many technical parts come from Liebherr’s own component production, such as the new Powerbloc drive unit.

New Liebherr Powerbloc drive unit

A Liebherr world debut at Bauma 2019 is the new drive unit for the pump system: All hydraulic switching and measuring elements have been completely integrated. This eliminates numerous hydraulic hoses as well as many other parts. The drive unit is therefore one of a kind in the concrete pump world. Special features of the new system are its robustness, high performance and quiet running. Furthermore, Liebherr has newly designed a highly efficient, semi-closed oil circuit, which powerfully and reliably supplies all drives with hydraulic energy. As a result, the oil volume could also be significantly reduced. This new Liebherr system combines the advantages of the proven open and closed circuits currently on the market, without their respective disadvantages.

Always stable - even at cramped construction sites

Liebherr’s proven XXT support also offers the unmatched versatility in setting up the pump acclaimed by customers in the 42 M5 XXT. It is safe and stable in any position thanks to the direct load transfer, especially in connection with the Liebherr monitoring system XXA.

The redesigned rear end concept permits comfortable access to all areas, more safety and an orderly arrangement of all relevant parts for operation and maintenance. Improved loading facilities, thanks to standard loading rail systems for accessories and tools, facilitate the work for the operator. Of course, there is also a comprehensive catalogue with additional features for the new 42 M5 XXT.

As of 2019: Full-service provider of concrete technology under one roof

In the summer of 2018, Liebherr opened the completely new production facility for concrete pump production in Bad Schussenried. Combined with a new logistics centre, the course was set for the future. As of the beginning of 2019, all three concrete technology product lines, concrete pumps, concrete mixing plants and truck mixers, are produced on site.

New production facilities for concrete pumps

The new production building in Bad Schussenried, at 120 metres long and 32 metres wide, has a usable space of around 4,000 square metres. It accommodates the parallel pre-assembly of subassemblies according to the herringbone principle, the one-piece-flow line and final assembly. An additional covered area of around 2,000 square metres connects the new buildings and creates additional opportunities for logistics. The new, modern Liebherr production facility will ensure quality, delivery reliability and the required production quantities.


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