Press releases | 08/21/2020 Passion for refrigerators that you can feel: the Liebherr monobrand store opens in Vienna

August 20 is the day. In Vienna, the Liebherr monobrand store is opening in the ICON Tower at the main railway station. In an inviting and one-of-a-kind atmosphere, visitors can experience the whole world of Liebherr refrigerators over more than 170 square metres.

Already on entering the Liebherr store it becomes clear that the focus is all about communication and encounters. The large oak table is the perfect place for consultation discussions.

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Customers can experience the wide range of Liebherr products across a spacious area of 170 square metres. The wine-themed section also invites you to sample a glass.

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In both a practical and emotional sense, there's no household appliance which is more important to people than the refrigerator. This has been more than enough reason for Liebherr to develop uncompromisingly high-quality appliances for over 70 years. The company has therefore made no compromises with its first own monobrand store in the ICON Tower at Vienna's main railway station. Customers can experience the entire Liebherr product range across a spacious 170 square metres. “In our new store, the focus is on consultation and a comprehensive range of services – both for end consumers and for retail customers. We want people here to simply feel at ease and be inspired,” says Robert Ortner, Head of Business Area Austria & South-East Europe, as regards the new Liebherr monobrand store.

Theme landscapes ensure clarity

The arrangement of the new Liebherr Store into different themes means you can quickly find what you are looking for. The themes are “installation, freezing, BioFresh, SmartDevice, MyStyle and wine – in each of these, all the features, equipment, surfaces, materials and sizes of the respective products can be discovered,” explains Robert Ortner. Among the 50 or so appliances on display, customers will find refrigerators for every requirement from entry-level appliances to high-end models. Guests can use digital screens to find out further details about the products, for example, by watching videos about the individualisation of the appliances, about the technology and optimal food storage.

What is particularly striking when you take a tour of the monobrand store is the painstaking design. The interplay of unusual shapes, warm colours and traditional materials creates an atmosphere that is both homely and modern. Julia Mitteregger, the architect from Umdasch The Store Makers, describes her vision for the design of the store: “The aim was to make the Liebherr brand tangible. All that Liebherr represents should be reflected here: the demand for quality, innovation and product design, but also the sense of tradition and family.” While the oak-wood look is intended to create a warm and homely atmosphere, the stone and tile elements represent reliability and durability. The colour scheme is also intended to emphasise a cosy element with soft natural tones. As part of this, clear accents are set by the classic colours of Liebherr's corporate identity. In addition, the design also pays tribute to the Vienna location, for example through the herringbone structure of the floor – typical of the parquet flooring in old Viennese buildings.

Plenty of space for consultation and service

Already on entering the Liebherr-Hausgeräte Monobrand Stores it becomes clear that the focus is all about communication and encounters. The large oak table is the perfect place for consultations and invites you to eat, drink and chat at events for which the show kitchen is also readily available for use. Extensive sales and service offers provide support when selecting the most desired appliance. This is thanks in part to active and targeted cooperation with the many Liebherr trading partners in Vienna and the surrounding area. A café area offers a space for relaxation and to enjoy what's on offer. And if customers then decide to buy their Liebherr refrigerator there and then, the store has plenty of appliances and accessories ready in stock to take away – or delivers appliances in stock within 24 hours.

With its first monobrand store, Liebherr-Hausgeräte is opening a new chapter in its corporate history in the heart of Europe. Robert Ortner comes straight to the point: “We want to meet our customers directly and share our passion for refrigerators with them.”

The Liebherr Monobrand Store – key information:

  • Address: Wiedner Gürtel 13, 1100 Vienna
  • Size: ~ 170 m²
  • Construction time: May to July, 2020
  • Opening: 20 August
  • ~ 50 appliances on display
  • Opening hours: Mon - Fri 9.00 am - 6.00 pm / Sat 9.00 am - 1.00 pm


Here you will find the press release and images for download.

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