Press releases | 07/06/2016 Outstanding design quality: XPower wheel loader receives Red Dot Design Award 2016

  • XPower wheel loader honoured in the “Product Design” category
  • Design of the XPower wheel loader offers practical benefits in everyday working life
  • The second design award for the new XPower concept

Liebherr is awarded the Red Dot Award 2016 for its new L 550 to L 586 XPower® wheel loaders in the “Product Design” category. The award was announced by the top-ranking jury of experts at the Red Dot gala, which was held on Monday in Essen (Germany). The intelligent, functional design of the XPower wheel loaders won over the jurors.

Together with representatives from his team, Johann Stickler, Managing Director and Technical Manager of Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH, accepted the international award in person. Following the iF Design Award in March, this is the second prestigious design prize for the XPower wheel loaders this year.

1. What did Liebherr focus on in the design of the XPower wheel loaders?

XPower® stands for the new generation of large Liebherr L 550 to L 586 wheel loaders. During product development, fuel efficiency, power output, robustness and comfort were the pre-requisites for Liebherr. These principles also influenced the development of the design – so as to unify functionality and aesthetics.

“In the development of the design, in addition to functional aspects such as safety and user-friendliness, the focus was also on powerful appearance”, explains Johann Stickler, who is responsible for the development of the new wheel loaders in his capacity as Managing Director and Technical Manager at Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH. “Consequently, we emphasised modern styling that we implemented consistently from the lift arm and the comfort cab right through to the rear of the vehicle. This means that the silhouette looks compact, and the wheel loaders convey an impression of dynamism and power even when standing still.

2. What benefits does the design of the XPower wheel loaders bring to everyday working life?

“Thanks to innovative and practical design solutions, our customers can increase their productivity with the XPower wheel loaders”, says Stickler. For example, the radiator is located directly behind the operator's cab, the cleanest area on a wheel loader. In this position, the cooling system can aspire air with low dust content, which ensures consistent cooling performance. This reduces maintenance expenditure and increases reliability.

“The design of the XPower wheel loaders also improves safety at the construction site. For example, the slim design of the engine hood primarily offers functional benefits”, continues Stickler. The narrow rear with its striking lines gives the operator optimum visibility to the rear and increases safety in the vicinity of the wheel loader. Large glass and window surfaces in the cab are extended a long way downwards, thus improving all-round visibility.

The cab design is attuned to the needs of the machine operator. It promotes comfort at work. The internal space is consistently structured and provides a spacious feeling. Displays, control elements, driver’s seat and the three-way adjustable steering column form an ergonomic unit. The movement-tracking Liebherr operating lever is integrated into the driver's seat as a standard feature and allows accurate and intuitive control of the working and driving functions. These investments in comfort help the operator to work in a focused manner.

“During development, a powerful and harmonious design was important to us. And thanks to ingenious details that are discreetly integrated into the appearance of the wheel loaders, we were also able to simplify the servicing activities for the machine operator”, says Stickler. The engine hood opens backwards, which provides free access to the engine for all maintenance work. A platform is incorporated into the open engine bonnet for comfortable and safe working. The most important maintenance points are in close proximity to the cab and can therefore be more easily controlled.

3. What is the most striking innovation in the XPower wheel loaders?

“XPower® is a holistic, innovative machine concept. Our new XPower wheel loaders set new standards with respect to fuel efficiency, power output, robustness and comfort. Here, the emission stage IV / Tier 4f-compliant power-split XPower driveline is one of the most striking innovations”, stresses Stickler. The power-split driveline combines hydrostatic drive for short loading cycles and mechanical drive for long distances and driving uphill. The proven system of Liebherr Power Efficiency and optimised interaction between the Liebherr diesel engine with SCR technology, driveline and operating hydraulics play a key role here. With this innovative drive concept, the wheel loader can always work at maximum power and efficiency, irrespective of the application. “We have received feedback from our customers that they can save up to 30% in fuel consumption with the new XPower wheel loaders compared with conventionally-driven wheel loaders”, states Stickler.

Red Dot Design Award as recognised seal of quality

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the most important global awards in the field of design. In 2016, participants from 57 nations registered about 5,200 products and innovations for the Red Dot award in the product design category. The international Red Dot jury only awards its coveted Red Dot seal to products that clearly stand out through their outstanding design.