News | 10/21/2021 One Topic, Three Industries: The Present and Future of Cooling

What is the current state of cooling technologies and what does the future hold? Three Liebherr experts, all of whom work in research and development, share their knowledge and insight in an interview.

Whether refrigerator or tram: Cooling and air conditioning play an important role

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What does a freezer, an airplane cabin and a charging cable of an electric car have in common? None of them would function without cooling. Cooling and air-conditioning are hot topics at Liebherr. Demand for reliable air-conditioning is growing worldwide – whether for comfort or as a technical requirement. Cooling systems is a large market.

So we decided to sit down with three experts from different areas within our Group to learn more about it. They come from very different product segments: Thomas Obererlacher from the refrigeration and freezing appliances segment, Laurent Hartenstein from aerospace and Reinhard Aigner from transportation system.

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