Press releases | 12/03/2020 Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region: Generation 8 crawler excavators for various applications

  • Generation 8 crawler excavators: A wide range of products for every application
  • Powerful and dynamic machines for maximum productivity
  • Greater efficiency thanks to reduced fuel consumption

Each and every one of the new Liebherr Generation 8 crawler excavators is designed around a completely new basic concept to give a more powerful and comfortable machine. Higher engine output and a heavier ballast weight for higher bucket capacities, as well as a new, specially developed boom concept which optimises the load curve and rotational inertia and thus also reduces fuel consumption.

Groupe Cassous’s Liebherr R 922 Generation 8 crawler excavator with adjustable boom and tilting bucket: for greater versatility in the same position.

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There is a Liebherr crawler excavator for all applications: Here the R 926 from BDS with its sorting grab is perfectly suited to demolition work.

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A variety of possible configurations: The R 945 at Colas' Sarrazy subsidiary and its 18.40 m multi-user equipment.

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Sturdy, robust, powerful: The Liebherr Generation 8 crawler excavators, here an R 934, perfectly adapt to the most demanding working environments.

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An overview of the various customer applications of Generation 8 crawler excavators in the south-west of France.

Groupe Cassous uses its Liebherr R 922 Generation 8 crawler excavator at the Bio Centre du Sud-Ouest subsidiary to treat contaminated soil. The machine is equipped with an adjustable boom, which allows greater manoeuvrability, efficiency and speed when working from the same position. This machine is the first in the series to be delivered by the Liebherr subsidiary in Bordeaux after the model was launched in 2019. The already well-known comfort of the Liebherr cab, the most spacious in its class, has been further optimised. This has been achieved in particular through a new layout of the controls and improved ergonomics. The R 922 has already completed more than 650 operating hours.

An R 924 crawler excavator will be used by Fayat TP at a site of its subsidiary LN Maurice for disposal and slope work. The comfort for the operator and the dynamics of the machine allow a high production capacity per day.

In Bordeaux, BDS uses its new R 926 exclusively for demolition work. The stability, robustness and dynamics of this new generation of Liebherr crawler excavators allow maximum efficiency and productivity in all conditions and even for the most demanding activities. The Lefort company carries out both earthmoving and demolition work with its R 930, which is possible thanks, among other things, to the stability, precision and working speed of the machine. With an average consumption of 14 l per hour, the R 930 is very fuel-efficient.

What is even more impressive is that a new-generation R 934 is being tested by a Liebherr customer while building a golf course. Maximum productivity is essential in the excavation and repositioning of soil for the course layout, which is achieved thanks to the high bucket capacity of up to 2.50 m3.

Finally, the R 945 at Colas' Sarrazy subsidiary, in its “multi-user” configuration with a 10.70 m boom and 7.70 m dipper arm, is used to clean the sludge tanks of the group's gravel pits across the region. On-board systems such as Liebherr's on-demand power control and Positive Control hydraulic system ensure the right speeds to penetrate the bottom of the excavation pit. As with the entire new generation, fuel consumption is very satisfactory at around 20 l per hour.

First introductory phase completed: the new generation of Liebherr crawler excavators

The first introductory phase of the new generation of Liebherr crawler excavators, which started in 2019, currently comprises of 7 models (R 922, R 924, R 926, R 930, R 934, R 938 and R 945). This new generation is characterised by maximum safety, maximum comfort, in particular the spacious and ergonomically revised cab, the wide range of lighting that can be adjusted as required for a better view of the machine environment, and simplified access for maintenance operations. The machine's major strengths have been further enhanced by increasing the engine power and thus the overall machine output. Moreover, the new models consume significantly less fuel than older models, resulting in greater efficiency. In the future, 50 to 100 tonne Liebherr crawler excavators will also be added to Generation 8.


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