Press releases | 04/05/2024 New ultra-low-temperature freezers: compact format, maximum performance

Liebherr expands its reliable range of ultra-low-temperature freezers to include a compact 350-litre variant. The new model is especially suitable for smaller laboratories thanks to its small footprint. Ultra-low-temperature freezers (ULT) are specially designed for extremely low storage temperatures of –40 °C to –86 °C and are used in particular for short- and long-term storage of sensitive samples such as DNA, viruses, proteins and vaccinations.

As a specialist in professional cooling solutions, the Liebherr range already includes models with capacities of 500 and 700 litres, which are now being complemented with a slimmer variant that retains the same high level of performance.

ULTs from Liebherr provide users with a practical way to safely store sensitive samples. Particular importance is placed on temperature stability, minimal energy consumption and a high-performance monitoring system. As with the entire model line, the new 350-litre variant reliably meets these criteria and also stands out thanks to its high level of quality.

Maximum safety and efficiency at ultra-low temperatures

All appliances in the Liebherr ULT range are specially designed for operation at very low temperatures. They impress with especially low temperature fluctuations throughout their entire period of use. Their efficient cooling systems combined with highly insulating vacuum panels result in very economical operation, with the high degree of energy efficiency keeping operating costs as low as possible.

The three-stage monitoring system consists of integrated alarm functions for temperature, door and mains electrical faults, so that the contents are always optimally protected. Users immediately receive a corresponding alarm notification in critical situations. The appliances can be integrated into existing documentation and monitoring systems as well as Liebherr’s SmartMonitoring solution for remote monitoring purposes. Liebherr has recently started offering an external data logger for use with this system that has a specialist temperature probe for temperature ranges down to as low as –200 °C.

With the expansion of the range of ultra-low-temperature freezers, users will have a choice of three different sizes moving forward, offering more flexibility when selecting the appropriate appliance. However, one thing remains the same for all variants: uncompromising quality and longevity of appliances, so that sensitive samples can be stored safely and fully in line with the requirements in each instance.


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