News | 03/26/2018 New R 9400 excavator delivered to Trapper Mining Inc.

Key ceremony at Trapper Mining Inc.

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In February 2018, Liebherr delivered an R 9400 mining excavator with backhoe attachment to Trapper Mining Inc., Colorado (USA). Since 1977, the Trapper mine produces nearly two million tons of coal per year with daily production of around 9,800 tons. The mining area covers 31 km² (12 square miles) and Trapper employs 180 on-site employees. The R 9400 commissioned at the mine is powered by a diesel engine that complies with USA/EPA Tier 4 final exhaust gas regulation. The 345-tonnes (380 tons) excavator has a rated output of 1,250 kW (1,675 HP).

High productivity outputs

At Trapper mine, the new R 9400 excavator was equipped with a specifically designed 28.5 m³ (36.6 yd³) bucket for the site to maximize the productivity. The bucket shape ensures maximum crowd and breakout forces. With this bucket, even under tough conditions, the R 9400 shows easy bucket penetration and high fill factors which consequently allows for maximum productivity.

Maximum Efficiency

The R 9400 follows the Liebherr design philosophy of maximizing the machine performance by improving the efficiency of all individual subsystems and optimizing communication and flow of energy with lowest possible parasitic losses between the systems. This is achieved through the high level of vertical integration that gives Liebherr the full control in design and manufacturing from individual components to the entire machine.

Optimized maintenance

The upper structure is accessible via a powered 45° stairway fitted with handrails, and the service drop down flap provides easy access to the main servicing features. Ground-level service access for fuel, engine and hydraulic oil, grease, and windshield wash water provides optimum serviceability and ensures maximum uptime.

Reduction of exhaust gas emissions

The Liebherr R 9400’s engine complies with the latest USA/EPA Tier 4f emission regulation. This emission standard for non-road diesel engines ensures substantial reduction of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Hydrocarbon (HC) and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions. This means that the R 9400 at Trapper coal mine balances performance of the high horsepower diesel engine, with environment consciousness by controlling emission rejection.