Press releases | 01/25/2022 New NC-B 12-70 demonstrates its strength in Saudi Arabia

  • With a 12-tonne lifting capacity and a 70-metre reach, the NC-B 12-70 is the most powerful tower crane in the NC-B series
  • For the erection of taller structures, the crane offers a freestanding hook height of up to 76.9 metres
  • Manufacture at Liebherr’s production site in India enables short delivery times as well as in-house expertise

The most powerful Flat-Top crane of Liebherr’s NC-B series is currently on its first job in Medina (Saudi Arabia), where it is part of a museum construction project. This twelve-tonne model is Liebherr’s latest addition to its NC-B series, which is designed for price-sensitive markets and customers. Thanks to its long reach, the NC-B 12-70 is suitable for both cast-in-place concrete construction as well as for the precise lifting of heavy prefabricated parts. It is available for order now.

The most powerful crane in Liebherr’s NC-B series in operation: The NC-B 12-70 is currently involved in the construction of a museum in Medina.

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Featuring a reach of 70 metres and a 12-tonne max. load capacity, the NC-B 12-70 enables flexible use on construction sites.

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Just one look from above is enough to see the biggest challenge presented by the construction site in Medina: there’s not a lot of space. High-traffic roads and tall neighbouring buildings required crane operations to be planned with precision, something which Liebherr Tower Crane Solutions closely supported.

With its maximum jib length of 70 metres and a lifting capacity of up to 12 tonnes, the NC-B 12-70 is reliable, economic and safe in its work. In addition, the tower crane also offers a jib head load capacity of 2,000 kilograms at maximum jib. These technical features make the crane an optimal solution for high-performance lifts in densely built-up metropolitan areas.

It was Liebherr’s professional approach and fast execution of measures that impressed customer “MOBCO for Construction and Civil Works”, whose latest building project, the “Safiyyah Museum and Park” is underway in the centre of Medina. A museum, shops, cafés and a public garden complete with palm trees will move in following completion.

Optimised for transport and assembly

The NC-B concept is optimised for transport and assembly. Five trucks deliver all elements of the slewing part with 70 m jib length to site quickly and easily. Standard-sized containers can be used for transport. Once on site, assembly is straightforward. The central unit with slewing platform and connection element only requires one lift. A weight reduction of the central unit is also possible: If needed, the slewing platform, control cabinet and cabin can be installed separately to meet the assembly crane’s performance capacity.

Established technologies from Liebherr’s existing Flat-Top series further accelerate assembly. The LiConnect quick connection system enables the jib to be assembled quickly and safely in five-metre sections.

16 EC 240 and 21 HC 290 tower systems: the perfect match

Both 16 EC 240 and 21 HC 290 tower systems are compatible with the NC-B 12-70, whereby the 16 EC tower system, measuring 1.6 x 1.6 metres, has been specifically designed for use with the NC-B series. Pin connections ensure the 16 EC 240 system’s straightforward, economical assembly. The tower sections have a standard length of 3.9 metres, which enables climbing on the building. Longer tower sections of 11.7 metres can also be used for efficiently achieving a freestanding hook height of up to 50 metres. Using the 21 HC 290 tower system, the freestanding hook height can be increased up to 76.9 metres.

The hydraulic climbing unit is designed with flexibility in mind; it’s suitable for both internal and external climbing, completely detachable and compatible with other Liebherr tower cranes. As a result, the operator only needs one device, which can be used on various construction sites.

Assistance systems and accessories increase operational comfort and safety

The hoist gear, slewing gear and trolley are controlled by a frequency converter. This makes stepless acceleration during lifting, lowering and slewing effortless and enables high-precision crane operation. Drive units with frequency converter not only provide excellent handling characteristics, they also minimise the risk of damage to the crane, and flatten occurring power spikes.

The Micromove smart assistance system, which ensures exact positioning of heavy loads, is included in the package as standard. Additional options include the ABB operating range limiting system and the EMS electronic monitoring system with sensors included. Assistance systems provide reliable support for crane operators during lifts and contribute to site safety. An optional slip ring unit also supports safe operation. This allows infinite slewing of the crane on site without the risk of cable breaks.

Liebherr also offers a six-tonne version as part of its NC-B series in the form of the NC-B 6-62. The series is specifically designed to meet the requirements of price-sensitive markets and customers. Short delivery times are available for both series without compromise on in-house technologies – thanks to the production site in Pune, India, Liebherr is able to manufacture cranes in the region for the region.


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