Press releases | 12/21/2021 New Liebherr MK 88-4.1 heads to Italy

  • Italian company F.lli Zanoletti S.p.A. has chosen Liebherr cranes for 40 years
  • High quality, good service and the reliable supply of spare parts were decisive in the purchase of the new MK 88-4.1 mobile construction crane
  • Flexible and compact, the MK 88-4.1 is designed for short jobs requiring a long reach

The Italian transport and crane company F.lli Zanoletti S.p.A. is upgrading its fleet with a new Liebherr MK 88-4.1 mobile construction crane. The flexible four-axle crane is ideal for assignments in densely built-up areas and for one-person handling. Its ecological and future-oriented hybrid power concept enables all-electric operation. Completing several tasks on the same day is also no problem at all for this mobile construction crane.

New addition to the fleet: Mauro Munaretti (Liebherr-Italia S.p.A.; left) officially handed over the MK 88-4.1 to Bortolo Zanoletti and Edoardo Zanoletti.

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Managing directors Bortolo and Edoardo Zanoletti were of the same opinion at the official handover of their MK 88-4.1, “Liebherr stands for quality, comprehensive service support and reliable availability of spare parts.” At present, the fleet belonging to F.lli Zanoletti S.p.A. consists of 18 machines, six of which are Liebherr cranes. A new MK 88-4.1 is now set to join five already existing LTM mobile cranes. The MK 88-4.1 is put to use in a variety of contexts, and always when time and space are in short supply. Work can be carried out directly at the building thanks to the mobile construction crane’s vertical tower. Its infinitely adjustable elevating cabin ensures the crane operator always has their load in view.

Intelligent assistance systems for precision lifting

The taxi crane also offers a jib head load capacity of 2,200 kilograms at a maximum radius of 45 metres. Its increased lifting capacities, compared to the MK 88, ensure even greater performance, especially in luffed jib position. Intelligent assistance systems support the crane operator and enable precise and safe working, even in challenging situations.

In addition, low-noise, emission-free operation using site power provides decisive advantages, especially when working at night and on inner-city sites. In cases when a power supply can’t be accessed, independent operation is ensured via an efficient diesel generator.

The two assigned crane operators at Zanoletti, Simone Bonfanti and Tomaso Ferazzini, are already looking forward to their first jobs with the new MK 88-4.1, “Our first impressions of the MK 88-4.1 are extremely positive. The crane’s different steering set-ups make it easy to handle out on the road and on tight construction sites. Precise operation also means it’s fast and efficient on site.” To make sure everything goes smoothly, the operators received several days of training at Liebherr’s site in Biberach.

F.lli  Zanoletti S.p.A. bought its first Liebherr crane, a 170-tonne machine, four decades ago. Based in Bergamo, the company employs 25 people and renews its fleet at regular intervals. As a rule, all rental machines are less than 20 years old.


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