Press releases | 10/16/2017 New Liebherr L 576 XPower® wheel loader joins the fleet of recycling specialist Hans Dömkes GmbH

  • Excellent build quality and fuel efficiency were important purchase criteria
  • High Lift lift arm provides benefits when loading trucks
  • An additional wheel loader L 566 XPower® has already been ordered

A new Liebherr wheel loader, the L 576 XPower®, recently began operation for Hans Dömkes GmbH, a company rich in tradition. This specialist firm, in the building materials recycling business, mentions the low fuel consumption and excellent build quality of the Liebherr wheel loaders as important criteria for the purchase. “Our new L 576 XPower® moves around 1,500 tonnes of material a day. Despite the particularly harsh operating conditions, it needs just 15.5 litres of diesel per hour of operation,” enthuses Managing Director Udo Dömkes. He also values the trustworthy cooperation and reliable service of WBI Bau- und Industriemaschinen GesmbH, Liebherr’s regional sales and service partner.

The new L 576 XPower®, together with a previous generation L 576 Liebherr wheel loader, feeds material into the crusher. Both machines then transport sieved and sorted building materials such as debris, sand and gravel for temporary storage into heaps. They then load the material onto trucks. For this purpose, the L 576 XPower® is equipped with a high-lift arm, an optional extended lift arm which increases reach and ensures more productive loading at height.

Liebherr XPower concept impresses Hans Dömkes GmbH

“Reliability is our top priority because our wheel loaders work between ten and twelve hours a day. We’re very happy with our older L 576 model, which already has about 6,000 operating hours on the clock. That’s why we opted for Liebherr again when it came to new purchases,” explains Udo Dömkes. Liebherr has taken measures to improve stability by redesigning multiple assemblies when developing the XPower wheel loaders. Even more powerful axles and reliable core components, such as the reinforced lift arm, ensure the XPower wheel loaders are of a consistently high standard.

The L 576 XPower® at the Hans Dömkes GmbH premises covers distances between 50 and 150 meters. During all these daily chores, the near-26-tonne wheel loader impresses with full performance and high efficiency. This is thanks to the innovative XPower drive combining the hydrostatic and mechanical drive. The power-split transmission operates variably. It continuously and automatically adjusts the ratio to which the two drive paths are used. In this way, the wheel loader always operates with maximum performance and efficiency, regardless of the application.

“With the new wheel loader, I can drive with full force into debris. Its acceleration is really powerful. And it’s very comfortable to drive,” says a machine operator at Hans Dömkes GmbH, who works with the new L 576 XPower® at the premises. Udo Dömkes adds: “We've tested a number of manufacturers. Liebherr impressed us the most with the new XPower concept. Meanwhile, we have already ordered another wheel loader, an L 566 XPower®”.

Hans Dömkes GmbH and Liebherr: when two family businesses join forces

Like Liebherr, Hans Dömkes GmbH is a family-run business and a reliable partner for its customers. The company from Duisburg is in its fourth generation of management and was founded in 1930. It specialises in the recycling and distribution of building materials and has 17 employees. Customers use processed materials in applications such as road construction or gardening and landscaping. The new Liebherr L 576 XPower® wheel loader plays a key role in the processing stage.