News | 03/24/2017 New diesel engines: Liebherr is introducing two 6-cylinder in-line engines with displacements of 12 and 13.5 litres

The new D956 and D966 engines with 12 and 13.5 litres displacements, respectively, share almost identical designs and dimensions.

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Liebherr extands its diesel engine portfolio by adding the two new in-line engines to it. With the introduction of the Stage V emission guidelines in Europe in 2019, Liebherr will be launching two new 6-cylinder engines into the market, which will boast optimised combustion. This feature will make them an ideal choice to ensure compliance with the forthcoming emission limits. Due to their modular design these engines can be equipped with the Liebherr-System SCRFilter for Stage V, SCRonly for Tier 4f and exhaust gas recycling for markets with emission guidelines that are similar to the late Stage IIIA.

The D956 with and the D966 with displacements of 12 and13.5 litres, respectively, share almost the same physical dimensions and connections. With the output levels ranging from 320 to 400 kW and 360 to 450 kW, they cover a broad power range within the same installation space. Our customers can thereby benefit not just from the uniform interface, but also common service points and spare parts. Furthermore, a new crank case design will contribute to longer service intervals.

Both engines are designed for heavy duty off-highway applications and are optimised not only in terms of installation space, but also weight. Three auxiliary outputs in a standard configuration feature an output torque of up to 700 Nm and allow a broader variety of potential applications. Both engines are characterised by their high level of system integration: on the one hand, the ECU3 engine control unit, and on the other, the latest generation of the Common-Rail-System 11.2 from Liebherr's own development.