News | 02/28/2017 New diesel engine: in-line 6-cylinder engine with displacement of 18 litres expands portfolio

The new D976 is a 6-cylinder in-line engine with a displacement of 18 litres.

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Liebherr expands its diesel engine product range in the medium power segment. The new in-line 6-cylinder engine, with a planned performance range of 450 to 620 kW will be Liebherr's most powerful in-line engine. With a displacement of 18 litres, it is positioned between the D9508 -V8, 16.2 litre diesel engine and the D9512 -V12, 24.2 litre diesel engine. This makes the new engine an ideal addition to the portfolio, which currently comprises 10 different in-line and V-engine models with a maximum power output ranging from 200kW to 4.5MW.

Like all Liebherr diesel engines, the new D976 will also be optimally suited to the requirements of off-road applications, making it suitable not only for construction machinery and cranes but also for agricultural and forestry equipment as well as special vehicles. The design is based on tried and tested modular engine components. For example, the engine includes the Liebherr CRS 11.2 common rail system and a Liebherr engine control unit. The exhaust gas aftertreatment will have a modular design, and will provide tailored solutions for differently regulated markets, from unregulated via Stage III A compliant to Tier 4f, China IV and the Stage V standard.