News | 07/08/2017 Modular Milestone for Liebherr-Australia

The Modular Maintenance Program workshop in Perth.

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Liebherr-Australia’s Perth-based Modular Maintenance Program has achieved a monumental milestone of successfully supplying the fiftieth and fifty-first Power Pack Modules (R 996 B and R 9400 Mining Excavators) since the program began in 2015.

After continuous and extensive efforts to introduce the modular form of maintenance in Western Australia, the Program has now grown to supply several modular components, including: R 996 B Power Pack 1, R 996 B Power Pack 2, R 996 B Hydraulic Tank, R 996 B Service Trap, R 996 B Valve Bank, R 9400 Power Pack, and R 9400 Hydraulic Tank. As a result, the growth and development of the workshop and field service departments has been exponential to ensure demand can be maintained.

The Modular Program is valued by customers, with quick turn-around periods for the R 996 B modules. The 15,000 hour and 30,000 hour shuts have been consistently carried out to an unparalleled quality standard, while also significantly reducing critical risks associated with changing piece parts. This service has increased availability and reliability of customers’ machines, providing substantial cost savings to operations.

The triumph of the modular program has seen enquiries and commitments from additional customers in both the west and east coasts of Australia, and collaboration with Mt Thorley has helped to spread the program’s success and drive initiative within the company and industry.

To allow continued growth and improvement, the Perth workshop has gained additional sets of modules to maintain supply for the demand. At any one time, there are a rotation of seven power pack modules through the Perth workshop, in addition to the valve bank, two hydraulic tanks and service traps, with discussions to implement further modular components in the future.

With the continued implementation of future modular components and the combined efforts of the workshop, field service personnel, parts and the fabrication department, the Modular Maintenance Program will continue its success, allowing for continued dedication to our customers into the future.