Press releases | 03/07/2017 Medium pressure pump added to the Liebherr portfolio of hydraulic components

  • New medium pressure pump LH30VO with a nominal delivery rate of 45 cm³ per rotation
  • Gradual extension of available sizes and controls

Liebherr component division is presenting the newly developed LH30VO axial piston pump of swash plate design at Conexpo 2017. The medium pressure pump complements the existing product portfolio in the range of 280 bar (4,061 psi) nominal pressure and maximum pressure of up to 320 bar (4,641.21 psi), suited for mobile machinery use. The pump for all mobile applications with open circulation has a delivery rate of 45 cm³ (28.38 inches) per rotation and is already available with two of the most common controls.

The new medium pressure pump LH30VO is distinguished by its dynamic and compact housing design.

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The LH30VO has a through-drive option of up to 130% as standard. A DE- and a LS-DA control are available at the time of the market launch.

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The new Liebherr medium pressure pump LH30VO for open circulation is distinguished by its compact and dynamic housing design. The design and production processes were closely coordinated. High efficiency levels are possible with the use of new procedures in the rotary group area. Several patentable solutions contribute to an optimized production and assembly process. Current market requirements, and also the experience in the high-pressure pump area were taken into account during the product development.

Since its market launch, the LH30VO is fitted with two controls – an electric proportional pressure control with negative characteristic curve (DE) and a Load-Sensing control (LS-DA), for uses such as; a pressure cut-off or pressure restriction. The swash plate adjustment is extremely precise and robust. More controls are gradually being added based on customer requirements. A proportional volume control (VE), a power control (LR) and an electronic pressure control with positive characteristic curve are being currently developed. The pump was designed as a modular system in the beginning of development and larger or smaller sizes will be added to the currently available size - 28.38 inches (45cm³) delivery volume for each rotation. Liebherr adapts product development to suit customer wants and needs. Further important parameters are, for example, the maximum speed of 3,000 revolutions per minute in the standard version. A 130% through-drive option is another notable highlight of this new pump product.

Liebherr has already been producing hydraulic pumps and motors since 1978, and until recently they primarily focused in the high-pressure pump area from 400 bar. The product portfolio is constantly being developed. The new medium pressure pump adds to the Liebherr Components portfolio and to the Liebherr Group’s potential to becoming the leader in supplying hydraulic components to an international market of customers. The LH30VO is mainly designed for applications in mobile machinery. It is suitable for excavators, wheel loaders and other types of construction machinery – for example, as a steering pump, fan drive or as a drive for equipment cylinders.


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